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  1. Wishing everyone the most wonderful New Year--May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true! I especilly wish you all health, happiness and love--well and plenty of money, but only if the other 3 previous are present, otherwise it dosn`t mean anything!

    Be sure to eat lots of lentils!--old Hungarian custom--it means you will have lots of money coming your way in the new year. Eat no fish--then you luck will swim away--no two footed animal--like chicken--then your luck will run away!....sorry emoticons don`t work!!!


    Happy New year!!!

    blessings and love,


  2. Beloved Mithrandir-Thank you--and may your day be a blessed one.

    For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.

    And his name shall be called wonderful, councellor--the Mighty God--the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!!

    May this Christms be most Holy with the coming of Our Savior , Our Lord Jesus Christ--Our Lord!

    And may the day and all the days of your life be filled with love, joy and happiness surrounded with your family!

    wishing you love, light and peace-


  3. I agree with you Al. Often these connections turn up for some, hardly any for others, though they are looking--why not? Somehow I feel it does have to do with some kind of predestined map or connection. It is said, which I also believe that we reincarnate in "soul groups"--not randomly. Some souls are perhaps closer to us because of this,--thus we recognize the "signs" regarding the connections.This would make some sense of the idea of connection for me. Like in NLP- there is the map and there is the territory. Taking a snapshot in time--and standing back and seeing it within its total context gives us more insight.

    Perhaps those numerologic connections are also simply pointers--as within all, including numbers have specific vibrations. I do believe --as in the runes and other methods of divination the messages are there for all to read, who is willing--it isn`t predicting the future nothing to do with that at all--it is reading the map. All exists in one "eternal moment" within one "cosmic consciousness". There is no past, present or future. That for me is the "grand secret"--or maybe all is a "grand illusion"

    blessings and peace,


  4. Thanks for the great stories--Al!

    Talking about looking for each other--I can attest to the fact that it has happened to me.I wasn`t looking he certainly was, we met on a prayers site--mine. The first words he wrote to me was that he has been searching for me. I asked how did he find me--his response was-how could I not have found you I always have, this one was easy, this one in Canada :derisive: some others were more difficult. He said he recognized me immediately from my words. But, also that he had encounters in dreams with me through the years--so he said he knew exactly whom he was looking for--consciously. He was living and studying in theology at St Michael`s College/ U of Toronto when we moved to Toronto--but when we met, he was living in Vale, Colorado. He`s a very serious philosophical writer/ it is his entire life. I too, but not that serious at all :derisive: --except I did finish my novel, he is almost done :derisive: -well that is up in the air about finishing. But he isn`t really a fiction writer.

    I wasn`t even thinking about it but I knew it once I was made aware of it. We too--as with your brother remember similar stories as well as with your wife--I don`t remember, as many as he does. There are some other weird things as well-- Our lives are almost parallel in every detail--to 99%. Like things happening in different stages of life, moving, leaving countries same age( more than one)--German background--with some Jewish--, same interest in studies/religion. Same very close relationship with mother, same problem with one sibling, including the same number of siblings/ one sister/one brother--in same order. Same interests/ philosophical / theological views--he`s an ordained New Thought minister (1999)who is a strange Catholic. Same practices and interest in healing/ lots of energy work/ he`s an Indigo/Crystal, I am an Indigo . Even same accidents--I was a serious car accident short--but I caught up with the one in 2010--All is in the uncanniest way--like he will write exactly what I think. His birthday( not year :derisive: ) same as my mothers, his fathers same as mine :derisive: Go figure.

    Having said all this above--I seriously think that things maybe predestined in a way--otherwise how would one explain the parallel lives? What else could be happening? I have met literally thousands of people through my work, and know their entire life--I haven`t found any that so closely paralleled ours. So what is happening? Coincidence?

    Also we have many same names in our family--his is same as my brother, which is--Oliver, his sister is Katherine same as my mother, including my middle name, his aunt is Suzanne, his mom is an artist like my mom. His brother is the same age as my sister, his sister is the same age as my brother :derisive: --re remembers me from a past life as Klarissa and told me before he knew that I had a Klarissa in the family, when he did I got chills down my back and other stuff he said--by my grand daughter was named Klarissa before we met each other.

    As for other star systems--well that is an other long story :detective2: as well as some other lives--later.

    Well how is all :crazyeyes: them apples? Real kooky? :crazyeyes: I am sure--well I thought I would share :dirol: All coincidince??--maybe.

    blessings and peace,


  5. Those are super!I love them--wow, you are very talented.-- St Eom in NIrvana is absolutely adorable!! :cupidarrow::wub: Do your children have the gene.. :derisive: ? Now if that is "the portrait of the artist as a carefree lad"--I would love now to see the artist with a wife and two kids :derisive: now.

    Congratulations--great stuff--I dig it to quote a certain Rev`d Rattlesnake AKA Mithrandir and RW. :derisive: !

    blessings and love,


  6. I don't know if these visions were purely imagination or tapping into some sort of recorded memories, but that's my story. I reckon I'll have an answer soon enough. Either way, the lesson to me was the same: I've got to take control of my own destiny. I think I still have to practice that a bit...

    I hope not too soon-- :derisive: I kinda like you posts :derisive:

    I am sure there is a lot to this for a huge % of people have had the experiences, and the number is rising as we start being "more aware" of our "spirit" life . Also, many have had memory flashes of different worlds. The two sun one and different sun`s are quite frequent.

    blessings and peace,


  7. I find that for me a cold dark room (turn the air to about 65* F, cover the windows, and have a fan turned on "low" blowing at you) with soft, wordless background music (e.g., Enya's "Bard Dance" on a loop) does the trick.

    This sounds to me the safest!--but as I mentioned I always had some fear about not getting back--severing the "silver cord" . The "negative entities" never occurred to me, for I haven`t to date was confronted by one--but now thinking about it a definite possibility.

    My "twin soul" is very spiritually developed, he always has encounters--he seems to attract them, but they are simply around . He has some good protective techniques. The thing is , they are probably always around, he being so sensitive is aware of them. Also he does a lot of "metaphysical work" and that probably attracts them--mind you most of the time he has many more "positive entities/angels" around. He laughs and says he never has a moments peace--the place is always rocking :derisive: Also he is never at home when he is sleeping, always busy doing something elsewhere--it is natural for him to leave. I wish I could do if for he even actually remembers all. He dosn`t have to do anything--mind you he meditates/prays many hours daily. He says his whole life is one "mediation prayer" :derisive: --probably that is the reason he can come and go with ease. I can`t--only in dreams only when I make a conscious effort--mind you we actually conduct most of our conversations this way, we are very good with this method--Yeah we are crazy :crazyeyes: .

    blessings and peace,


  8. It is absolutely beautiful--but I love classical music in whichever way it comes. However--this was just marvelous and incredible. As well as being one of my two favourite Bach and Rossini---so it is even more special!

    It amazes me how talented people can be--!Thanks Mark for posting it! :cupidarrow: We need more of this uplifting music in the world.

    blessings and love,


  9. Of course--Jonathan, Fawzo. God created us to experience Himself/Herself/Itself/Themselves all through us. We are merely the sounding board, or the tool. :derisive: --as we do, it becomes a symbiotic relationship--we grow as well as "GOD/Gods or whomever" grows and expands through the experiences.

    These days I have to be specific and politically correct about the"name" :derisive:



  10. I've had this image ingrained in me since I was about 9 years old. I even remember when it came to me. I was in the shower about to get ready to go to school in March. I got in trouble for drawing it out instead of doing classwork. It lasts less than a second but is extremely vivid and sensory.

    Hi Rev`d Rattlesnake--I love your story--you sound way too cool :whist: . I wish I could have seen you, maybe I did--I shall search the records :derisive:--maybe we should do a group search of the"Akhasic records". To be honest--I am quite sure that many of us have met before--one can feel that, one does not have to meet in the flesh. Mostly I think it is only flashes that we remember, I am convinced it is not our imagination--but most people I think do, but they just don`t think deeply about it. I think the more one searches one`s psyche, the more one tends to remember something.

    blessings and light,


  11. Thank you Beli Mawr!--but now we are on this conversation do you or Salem Witch Child have any experience in "soul travel" or "astral projection"


    It fascinates me and frightened me a bit--it was the fear of not being able to come back...but that was then , this is now--it would now be blessing not to come back perhaps :derisive: . I used to be interested years ago in Eckankar--but I got very disenchanted with it due to its founder. It is very common in the eastern religions/philosophies but I think to be able to achieve it one needs tremendous amount of practice. I know that it is often a well known practice in your 'Craft".

    blessings and peace,


  12. I don't want to focus forever on being human. I want to experience on to many other things like a Tree, a sea creature, bird. cloud on a spring breezy day. euclase crystal and my list is endless.

    I agree Fawzo-- and perhaps I feel that we actually have to experience "all"--I think this s very close to the Buddhist view. This is the only thing for me that makes some sense :derisive: if we believe in an after life of the soul--IMHO. Mmm you made my mind wander..... a trip on "The Enterprise" would be fun--zipping through galaxies--I guess it has to be some other star ship as "The Enterprise" was just retired-- :crazyeyes: oh I missed the boat :oops: or is that star ship.

    live long and prosper,


  13. I love your story--Sounds fascinating Belenos--I am sure it is true!

    I think the more we try and search for it within our soul the more we slowly start to remember--especially when you work with energies, then you become more attune and receptive to things that are veiled. It is almost the more one practices the more one remembers. But in this age many are more aware--. My great grandmother was a spiritualist--and that was almost considered a `dark art` then. Look at Blavatsky and others--they were rather few. Today--it is a common acceptance of energies, spirit, angels--past lives, reincarnation. Maybe we are finally evolving more into spirit--guess it is the age of Aquarius--or of awakening. bookstores and the internet is filled with this subject--yes, we are searching and today everybody has heard of it, not all believe but I read somewhere that almost 70% of people do.

    I also have one memory that I remember flying low over the ocean--I had no body. But I was conscious.

    blessing and light


  14. I've had two visions and a dream. One was a reoccurring dream a long time ago. I see me as a child dancing in a circular room. I think I may have been somewhere in Maine in the 1700's. I remember looking out the windows in the circular room and seeing the ocean. Not sure why I thought Maine but that was my impression.

    I've had a vision of my death by drowning. I was a witch then too and instead of allowing the village to persecute my sisters and I, we chose death in the sea.

    I also believe I've been with my husband before. I don't know much about that life other than I was with him though. I've tried to help him with his mental and spiritual struggles before. Not sure if I succeeded.

    Lovely story--! :cupidarrow:

    I too know of 4 people that I have been together with through many lifetimes--One being my twin flame--regarding him, he knows much more than I do-- and the funny thing is he remembered many of the same incidents as I did, before I told him, even names :crazyeyes: --2 England ones, the hunting lodge one, and the Moorish. For me the Moorish one is very faint and short--. In the latter we were killed, he remembers the long version, but I don`t remember actually dying, being actually killed, he does. I was a Christian he was a Muslim. Also--most of our relationships always ended on a very bad note-- :derisive: So hopefully this one won`t--and then at last we don`t have to reincarnate any more :derisive:



  15. I actually remember quite a number of lives--however I was never very important :derisive: 1 in Egypt--as I said, 2 were in Vienna, 1 outside of Vienna--in one I was a man, otherwise I always have been female of the ones I remember. I remember no deaths, neither do I remember any close to the sea--yet I have a very strong affinity for the sea--it is almost uncanny longing for it since I can remember--my mom always said since I was a child that I must have been a fish once :derisive: . Maybe that memory just hasn`t surfaced yet--that I think is much deeper--maybe to do with Atlantis or MU--I don`t know.

    In the Vienna one as a woman-- I did know Franz Schubert--he was a family friend I feel--no romantic connections to me :derisive: ! I was present the time he played Ständchen for the very first time on a huge white piano--I remember the event well, as he walked in through the huge white double doors with the music sheets under his arm. A small man with round glasses, curly hair. He then sat down to play.

    -- An other I was in the mountains, in a hunting lodge outside of Vienna-an other 2 in England--17th and 18th century, 1 in Spain during the Moors. Some of them I have actually written down in detail--but again they are simply incidents--some very long not just a snap shot, but like a complete event--or like a complete day. I also remember most of the names.

    Maybe I am just crazy :crazyeyes:



  16. I remember one incident distinctly, like a snapshot--I remembered this during self regression. I was in Egypt, I was female--I was a maid, in a white dress--not a slave. Just watching a scene. I was in this huge Egyptian palace, very high--all white stone or marble, beautiful place, even had palm trees--like a huge closed courtyard with a roof , but all closed with garden in it and a man made pond in it, like a square swimming pool but very shallow, little water in it and rocks below, high sides so nothing could come out of it--there was a low bridge crossing from one side to the other. There were people watching--I felt I knew them, I was especially aware of a man with a huge red beard--he looked like a Viking, but his dress was more Roman , with leather belt and straps, sandals. Strange-- because Egyptians had dark hair. He was standing at the top of this pool on the bridge--there were crocodiles below--maybe three or four, and he was actually throwing a person to the crocodiles. And I knew that he was throwing Jewish slaves to the crocodiles, I also knew that he was a Jew himself, his name was Aaron and mine was Saffron--and that I knew him very well. I also know who he is in this life.

    I looked into this --and this was a frequent practice to have crocodiles as pets of the Egyptian elites, more so for pharaohs and to do this--prior to this I never even heard of the practice. Neither did I knew that the Egyptians were the only ones that used saffron for healing/ also I never heard of saffron before this. This memory incident happened with me many years ago--and in S. Africa we never used saffron.

    I would think that we somehow we remember moments that affected us very much, or were very memorable. I have a few more stories--for later. :derisive: Even stranger.

    blessings and peace,


  17. I see that many like Rumi`s words Thank you from my heart! :cupidarrow:

    --so I shall post my most favourite one that rules my life--the minute I heard it , I made it my own


    According to Rumi--the time one has connection to God is between 3 - 4 am, that is when one can hear God`s voice in one`s soul within the stillness. That is when one is the most receptive to one`s "higher self "-or God voice. That is when we are most creative, most receptive and most connected. He says if you wake at that time do not go back to sleep but search within your soul for whatever you may question. Seek for answers from spirit, for you will receive the answer-all you need is to ask.

    “The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you

    Don't go back to sleep!

    You must ask for what you really want.

    Don't go back to sleep!

    People are going back and forth

    across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,

    The door is round and open

    Don't go back to sleep!”


    blessings, love and light,