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  1. Hope you all are having a Glorious Day!!!!

  2. Well it took almost a year to make the required amount of replies and questions. It has been a informative time. I thank you all so very much, I am learning from you all from the posts and realy feel like you all have become part of my family. Thank you.
  3. Desecration of human remains, um, eww. That is something I could never agree with.
  4. Oh Yes I would like to down load it to my phone but cant from here.
  5. Rev Rainbow, I normally wouldn't have watched the video, but Praise God I did. If that was your son, he is AMAZING! I do not know his story, but I do thank you for allowing us to see how his light shines.
  6. Wishing the Lord would give me more direcction.

    1. RevRainbow


      don't wish, ask for it.

    2. Zequatanil


      by you asking the question --He already has!

  7. I notice I get alot of strange looks when I wear my collar. I think most see a tatted person with a collar and it offends them.
  8. Stay strong my friend. I myself passed my 2yr mark this month. I still crave them from time to time. I wonder if that ever goes away. But I have to keep reminding myself of why I quit. You are doing GREAT!!! Dont give in .. and if you do dont be to hard on yourself. Just stop again it took me 5yrs to finnaly stop. I can tell ya it is the hardest thing you will ever do, but the rewards are many. Good Luck buddy.
  9. I agree, My heart goes out to those affected. May god work quickly to help sooth the pain and scars.
  10. Great we will stop in soon. I know we missed today but we should be able to make it I hope next week.
  11. My wife and I are in Modesto and let me tell you if you ever get here there is a lil hole in the wall resturant at the Valero conv store. Its on Crows Landing Rd. It is about the 4000 block. They have the best Mexican food I have tasted in a long time. I did not find the Church but probably a good thing don't know if an 18 wheeler would have fit in the parking lot. But the wife and I took a stroll after dinner in a walnut orchard and had a wonderfull sunset. God has blessed this little sleepy town. I can not wait to come back. Maybe I will get lucky and someone from the church will see this and let us know if we could come by. Gods blessings be with you all. Troy
  12. Siimplicitys-brother, your in Tampa? Is it a ULC church? If so please say where it is I would like to come.
  13. Back some time ago when I had quit if I had strong urges I would puff till it passed, as time went on the urges slowed and finnaly left. Now and then I think of it but havent puffed in a long time. Its a tough road was probably the hardest thing I ever did. Good luck.
  14. Trying to start a ULC church in my home town. Dont quite know how to do it but I think one day it might happen. (fingers crossed)
  15. Thank you, Tru2u I have found may of the people in my town very excited to have a church that acccepts everyone comming soon. I right now am working with web designers to get the web site open for fund raising, have also found a couple churches that will also help me with paperwork and such. I am just so happy to be part of the ULC I believe that the core values here are just amazing and cannot wait to share with the people in my town . Thanks for reading. Peace and Blessings
  16. And our we alllowed to use the ulc logo and statements and such
  17. Thank you, I will be ordering the Charter from here that I asure you. Now with the charter does that cover us on being Non profit?
  18. I was wondering how do we go about getting chartered by ULC, do we request it from Medesto or do we goto the monistary or there is another ULC listed as the "world headquarters)? Just looking for clarification. I asked some time ago and was told to look at web store but didnt see any type charter forms there in the 6 on the site.