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  1. I believe religion as a whole is dying. Countless numbers have been killed in the name of religion, the "Our way is the only way" thinking. Peace and inclusion wil come when religion's shackles are shaken, and true spirituality takes its place. This is a realization it took me a LONG time to reach, but I feel so free now that I have realized it.

    I have just read a comment in the UK's Daily Telegraph :_ http://blogs.telegra...-right-is-dead/

    I have to admit being a liberal Christian the religious right wing has scared me in more ways than one and there is no doubt that what goes on in the US has an influence in the UK. I admit I would be pleased to see the religious right wing go. That is not because I am against religion but because so many aspects of the religious right wing are anti so many things that I personally support.

    Such as:-

    Evolution being taught in schools.

    A health service for everyone.

    Gay Marriage.

    Respect for other faiths and none faiths.

    Recognition that atheists can also be moral citizens and just because your religious does not make you also moral.

    The right to question the bible, the church or the government without others complaining that your some how against God for doing so.

    etc etc

    What I want to know is do members believe it is true that the religious right wing is dying?

    I agree. Indeed, I often wonder if what was once suppressed as heresy in the ancient church wasnt the real teaching, and what is mainstream now the deception.

    I hope so Pete. I personally believe "Christianity" as we know it is dead and just going through it's death spasms. I feel and hope it is going to morph into something more akin to what I believe Yeshua and Buddha and other great sages have been trying to convey to us. Then we truly will be able to do the miracles these great personages have done and greater. Entities such as the "priest craft" will no longer be able to hold dominion over our hearts, minds and spirit and we will begin to walk as more mature Spiritual beings. I'm thinking by the year 2100 this will all come to pass.