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  1. He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom ~ The Book of Satan 2:7

    Are you a follower of Satan? I can only guess that his motto would be "Do that which is wrong." I'm afraid you will one day discover that placing faith in the Deceiver will surely prove false.

  2. Hex, Though I have been surprised by several of your comments on the Bible, never have I considered your opinions to be abrasive or abusive, and I did not mean for my post to convey any animosity towards you personally. I am curious about the criteria you use to accept or reject "inspired" writings. Does it have to be a recognized relic from an ancient age to meet your muster, or would a collection of recent writings be just as welcome? Is your acceptance of Gnostic/Coptic texts based on a perceived "hidden" knowledge unavailable in the Bible or other sources, or is it based purely on an emotion evoked when reading them?

  3. Bro. Hex,

    I read through this article, and though several passages had a familiar ring to them, the reading left me confused on multiple levels. The meanings of several of the titles assigned to the beings described (Protennoia, Epinoia, Tartaros, Meirothea, etc.) are beyond my ability to decipher through context, and are not defined in any reference resource I can access. I also find it puzzling that you denounce the Bible as a false and corrupted compilation, but accept the translation of an such an obscure piece of prose as "holy" scripture. Why are you so convinced that these writings are from an authentic group of the followers of the Christ and not the work of a heretical sect that integrated the beliefs of another religion with the teachings of Jesus? Or do you acknowledge (but ignore the fact) that these fragments of text are at least as suspect (if not more suspicious) than the Biblical sources you disparage?

  4. God desires Man's Faith and Devotion, and His Reason is beyond the limited capabilities of human intelligence and understanding, The person that places God before themselves will find that they have what they need even if it is not always what they want.

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  5. Hmmmm... Hmmmmm.... Hummmmmmm!!!!! My wife and I are seafood fanatics. I once took a berth as the cook on a scallop boat and ate the freshest lobster that can be had (20 minutes from the bottom of the ocean to the bottom of my stomach). I've tried just about everything edible out of the sea at least once, and though I don't care for any of it raw, fix it up poached, pickled, saute'd, steamed, boiled, broiled, grilled, or fried... plate it up, and don't expect any conversation til it's gone. (I was going to have steak tonight, but now I guess we'll be going out for lobster dinners.)

  6. Thanks ED! This seems like it could be a good idea! I have a couple questions though.... Do the borders need to be of a specific height? How deep do you pile the compost, soil, and manure (4", 6", 8"?) And if you are just applying manure etc. on top of the ground inside the borders, what keep the existing plants currently occupying the area (grass, weeds, etc.) from just popping through (but even healthier than before)? And would you mind sharing your site so I can browse through it?

  7. Just one more thing about sin--One of the sacraments, the second one-- in the RC faith is --Penance , which is confessing and being sorry for our sins. Now to me it always was --recognizing what one has done and ``getting a conscience about it``. To me it never had anything to do about verbalizing it to my priest and receiving absolution. By the realization one gets connected back to God.

    Sarkany, here, I think you are partially right. Conscience makes one aware of when one has sinned, and verbalizing a Confession of one's sin is an "owning" of one's actions and is an effort to ease the guilt of having sinned. Confession is not Penance. Atonement (at-one-ment) is what erases the Karmic penalty for the sin and allows a reconnection with the Creator.