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  1. Wow, I just looked over my reading list.... I've read so many books and articles since the last time I posted here....

    I'm currently reading A Feast for Crows, the final book in Martin's Game of Thrones series. I'm a little dissappointed in it... it's not nearly as engrossing as the first three books, and I'm having a hard time finishing it...

    I'm also impatiently awaiting the third installment of Ken Follet's latest trilogy The Fall of Giants is set in the early years of the 20th century and introduces 5 international families whose lives are intimately and intricately entwined in a tale that spans WWI, the Russian Revolution, and the Great Depression. Book 2, The Winter of the World carries the saga through the Hitler years, WWII, and the early Cold War. The last book (???) isn't supposed to be published til next year... hopefully it will be issued early in 2013 rather than later....

  2. Bro. Hex, I cannot (and would not assume to) answer for the Rattler, but would rather question your aversion to a statement of HIS personal religious beliefs. How many different sects/denominations posses and share simular basic tenets yet conflict over (seemingly) trivialities? Does Baptism require full submersion to wash away one's sins, or will sprinkling (dry-cleaning) suffice? Why require his Universalist views to conform to your views of Universalism?

  3. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I cannot imagine why anyone would have a problem growing herbs. They're hardy and drought resistant.... basically they're just cultivated weeds. (You must have OVER-tended them, too much water or fertilizer or....)

    As for watering plants in the evening or applying a mist on them during the heat of the day.... Unless you're using a drip hose, where the water is applied directly to the soil and never touches the foliage, I wouldn't do it. Any water left on the leaves over night can lead to leaf mold. (Nights being warmer in Fla, Crzy, the water may evaporate over night, but up here where I live, it's not a good practice.) I never water in the evening or the heat of the day. I water my garden for 30-45 minutes (every other morning) before direct sunlight strikes the plants. As for "misting" a plant during the day.... Indoor plants- sure! Outdoor plants- maybe, maybe not... if it's not in direct sunlight it may not do any harm, but just one bead of water on the foliage of a plant in direct sunlight acts like a magnifying glass and will cause severe burns and can kill the plant.