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  1. Absolutely! The Law of Karma dictates that no wrong may go un-righted. If atonement is not made in the same life in which the wrong is committed, the soul MUST return to rectify the wrong and/or heal those harmed by it's thoughts and actions. Only an act of true forgiveness may release a soul from it's karmic obligations. Souls may also return to assist another in paying their karmic debt. (An excellent example of this is recorded in the NT. When the Christ healed a man blind from birth. One of the disciples asked whether the man had been born blind to pay his debt or his father's. Jesus answered that it was neither... the man had been born blind to assist Jesus in His ministry by providing the Christ with an opportunity to perform the miracle.)

    PS- Reverend V's response above gets my thumbs-up!

  2. Count me out.... Mercy, love, and prayers for people who commit such horrific acts will simply promote more of the same. Pacifism doesn't deter crime, it promotes, encourages, and enables it.

    My friend.... this has to be the most un-Christian post submitted by you... Isn't the Christ's message of forgiveness and mercy extended to all? ("Peter, put away your sword.")

  3. God is not necessary to understand human rights or morality.

    "Understanding" is subjective... totally dependant upon one's knowledge and experience. "Human rights" are founded upon an assumption that human beings possess a value and worth based on our association with and dependant upon the existance of an Eternal, Omnipotent, and Supreme Being. "Morality" is the practice of characteristics that reflect an acknowledgement of the existance of a Supreme Being. Despite your denial... God (by what ever name you wish to assign Him) IS necessary.

  4. I recently received this picture from a former neighbor, Mr. John Hughes, a life-long resident of Hampton, VA. It's such a beautiful shot of the waters I grew up on (and miss terribly), that I decided to use it here as my avatar.


    The shot is titled "Sunrise on the Bay", but it's actually a shot of a sunrise over Hampton Creek, in Hampton, VA. (Natives refer to the body of water between Hampton and Norfolk as "The Bay" but, technically, it's The Hampton Roads- The World's Greatest Natural Harbor.) In the foreground of the picture is a gull flying just off-shore of one of the few stretches of sand beach along the entire shore (most of it is pebble, shell, and rip-rap). In the background is the famous Fortress Monroe, noted as the prison where Confederate President Jeff Davis was imprisoned while awaiting his trial for treason against the United States. Fort Monroe was an active US Army post from 1834 until it was de-commissioned in 2011. In 2011, President Obama designated Fortress Monroe as a national monument.

    Please be advised that John has copyrighted this shot, and granted me permission to use it here in this forum.

  5. I'm currently re-reading a book that I read long ago, and recently saw on the shelf at the library. It's called Edgar Cayce's Story of Karma, a compilation of the psychic's life-readings of individuals seeking answers to their problems, and explains how the karmic ties that bound the souls together through several life experiences were revealed. The main theme of the book is that the Law of Karma requires souls to return, life after life, until all conflicts between them are resolved, and that only the Law of Forgiveness can over-ride the Law of Karma and release the souls from a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth, finally permitting the souls to return to The Source.

    If you ever had a "deja vu"... Or wondered why you felt like you "knew" a place that you know you had never been before... Or were instantly drawn to or repulsed by a perfect stranger.... The chances are you were there before, and the "stranger" is not a stranger, but a soul you knew before, and both of you are there to work out your mutual Karma.

  6. The "sighting" took place around 2am on a clear, starry night. There were four of us in my vehicle. What I saw was HUGE (looked to be about a 1/4 mile across), was circular in shape, with lights running around the perimeter. The center of the "thing" was BLACKER THAN BLACK, like a hole in space. What really disturbs me the most about the experience is that where we saw the "thing" was less than a mile from my apartment, but we didn't arrive there until after 5am, and though all of us saw the thing, and were talking to each other about what it could be while we were looking at it, I'm the only one that remembers seeing it. Only one other guy remembers anything about the night, but the only thing he claims to remember is me saying, "Where did the time go?" when we got to my apartment. (Yes, we were all under the influence.)