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    History of Religion throughout time. Goddess centered beliefs. Aliens and Religion. Favorites: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling; C.S. Lewis; J.R.R.Tolkien; Greg Braden; Jane Austen; Medieval/Renaissance re-enactment; Art--painting and drawing, wood crafts; sewing; cooking; and so much more. I am 70 years old and have read much, experienced much, and am looking forward to new adventures.
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  1. Life does not end--it is a journey--although our bodies age and our minds (the CPU of the brain) slows down, the Spirit is Eternal. Our knowledge journeys with us into the next "room" and is never lost. We learn from the day of birth into this mortal frame and we shall continue to learn even after we leave this physical plane. (quote from me)

  2. A positively wonderful day and $25.00 more for the Church Building and land fund. Only $749,925 to go. The property is 2.51 acres. It has an 8 sided Church Building, a "Fellowship" hall and a house for the church offices and living quarters.Anyone that has known me long enough knows of my search for my path and calling in life. I have been a member of many churches and faiths. I have studied religion and history for most of my life. I have found all beliefs are good and try to do right, but...

  3. I am happy, tired, and ready for a nap! Happy because I have accomplished a lot today. Tired because for me it was a lot of work. And ready for a nap because I got up earlier than normal and began my day actually working.

  4. Please have patience with the timeline. Sometimes it does not do what I want it to--dates are off, but working on it. If you notice something wrong please let me know. It is a work under construction, so please excuse my mess. Lol. :)

  5. Welcome to the forum! I hope you find our little family of friends to be the warm and open bunch of folks that we have. Take a look around, join in on the discussions and let us know a little about yourself in New Members and FAQ's. We are always glad to see new perspectives. We're glad you've chosen our forum to expand your path and understanding! Blessings of Peace,