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  1. Thanks to all, for your responses... One thing I was told by another minister was that before sending back the license he made a copy of it for his own file. Sounds like that would be a good idea...
  2. I wrote the county clerk where I live and all her reply said was as long as your a minister of a church you can perform legal marriages - so I would assume as a ordained minister of ULC I'm cool as ice to perform here in michigan. Thanks for your answer and the tip on the paper work part. TomK
  3. hey tom, got your email.

  4. New to this ministry and just ordained, I live in Michigan and I take it in the State of Michigan we can perform weddings, funerals, baptism without really any hassel from the state or most county clerks? It doesn't seem like the church needs file a charter any more either? Any updates, any info on Michigan would be most appreciated, thank you...