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  1. Wedding Dilemma

    Thank you all for the suggestions and tips. Update - the wedding is set for next Oct. and we plan on pursuing this either through county clerk and/or NC AG for some type of allowance ruling. If all else fails we will probably do as Rev Ed suggests...
  2. Wedding Dilemma

    Well I don't feel ( time and money ) like starting a lawsuit ( class action or otherwise) just to marry my daughter in NC, but I will pursue the issue a little further with the clerk. Or she can come to Michigan and I'll marry them here if she really wants me to do it... Thanks alll
  3. Wedding Dilemma

    Here is the reply I got from my daughters County Clerk; Rev. Kaminski, Some states require people to register with or be authorized by a government agency before officiating at marriage ceremonies. North Carolina has no such requirement. NC statutes are broad as to who may perform a ceremony, citing a valid and sufficient marriage can be created by an "ordained minister of any religious denomination, a minister authorized by a church or a magistrate." However, in Sandra Lynch v. Universal Life Church (1985) a ceremony solemnized by a layman who bought for $10.00 a mail order certificate giving him "credentials of minister" in the Universal Life Church, Inc., was not a ceremony of marriage to be recognized for purposes of bigamy prosecution. One might conclude that ordainment credentials obtained from an online service, similar to a mail order service, may not be sufficient. For more info about this case, please visit Please give me a call if you have further questions Thanks! Matthew J. McCall Register of Deeds, Iredell County
  4. Wedding Dilemma

    That is what I have seen also Dorian and I have also been told that some clerks still accept ULC marriages. From my point of view it is still alot of mumble jumble happening down there. I emailed the county clerk of the county where my daughter lives, but have not heard back from them yet...
  5. Wedding Dilemma

    I have read where ULC ministers are not allowed to perform NC weddings???? But I see loads of ULC minsiters listed in North Carolina Is this true or not? Second is my problem - my daughter lives in NC, I live in Michigan. My daughter wants me to marry her down there but I don't know if I legally can... Any comments most appreciated Thanks
  6. Performing Weddings In Michigan

    Thanks to all, for your responses... One thing I was told by another minister was that before sending back the license he made a copy of it for his own file. Sounds like that would be a good idea...
  7. Performing Weddings In Michigan

    I wrote the county clerk where I live and all her reply said was as long as your a minister of a church you can perform legal marriages - so I would assume as a ordained minister of ULC I'm cool as ice to perform here in michigan. Thanks for your answer and the tip on the paper work part. TomK
  8. hey tom, got your email.

  9. New to this ministry and just ordained, I live in Michigan and I take it in the State of Michigan we can perform weddings, funerals, baptism without really any hassel from the state or most county clerks? It doesn't seem like the church needs file a charter any more either? Any updates, any info on Michigan would be most appreciated, thank you...