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  1. We stay Maui 8 years, Kahana north. We owned Lighthouse Tattoo Lahaina on Hinau and Honoapi'ilani Hwy across from Pizza Hut from '01-04.. so you Maui or other island...not matter brah Aloha No! anyway!

    No can wait to go back to the aloha and ohana o'kanaka, this time stay 4 life!

    pomai'kai o maluhi'a

  2. yes, I'm in Hawaii. Thanks for the welcome

  3. I see 808 in your s/n...Aloha?

  4. Welcome to forum! We're glad to have you! We hope that you will find many ways in which to apply information found here to your ideas and the chosen path you have taken for your ministry, at whatever capacity that may be.

    We always welcome fresh perspectives and understanding of both traditional and non-traditional Beliefs,

    Blessings of Peace,