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  1. It has been far too long since I have been here. Enjoying rediscovering the ULC forums.

    1. Rev Sylivia

      Rev Sylivia

      Happy to see you here :)

  2. Happy to be here. We are looking to begin our own branch here in Ohio, and these forums are just what I was looking for. :D

    1. Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      Welcome, welcome! ..Look out for dust bunnies under your feet. D: And enjoy yourself while you're here. There's tons of discussions here and I hope, if you have any questions, they'll be answered in a satisfactory way. (:

  3. Welcome to the forum! I hope you find our little family of friends to be the warm and open bunch of folks that we have.

    Take a look around, join in on the discussions and let us know a little about yourself (New Members and FAQ's) or just jump on in with a topic of something you are interested in or have questions about. We are always glad to see new perspectives.