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  1. I try to stay happy because I try to look onto the positive side of things in life. It may never be an easy thing but you should try to make the best out of it. A helpful tip is always try to think about something that makes you happy, this is especially effectively during stressful situations. Best of luck! :thumbu:

  2. Sorry but I think your link may be broken. I never heard of a "St Murph's Day", let alone someone named Murph. Is this like that holiday called Festivus? I am not sure what this 'holiday' is about but I am open to learning about new holidays. It is always good to celebrate just for the purpose of celebrating. For this reason, whether or not I have any clue to what this 'holiday' is about, but I do kindly wish you a "very St. Murph's Day" or "very (belated) St Murph's Day" seems to be already catching on! Also, please share more information with us about this. Thank you! :thumbu: