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  1. Hello everyone! I have decided to use my extensive volunteerism background to make a bigger impact on the community. My passion is justice system reform, effecting change to ensure that each individual is truly treated fairly (unlike what our society has created in the U.S. with the cops and robbers mentality). We need to fund alternatives to throwing people into prisons instead of treatment programs for the issues they have with drugs and alcohol. The revolving door is not serving humanity as a whole. Obviously our prisons are over-crowded because our system is flawed, and human beings are failing to help one another before it comes to a prison scenario. I want to incorporate my non-profit organization in order to have validity when working in the community. We will speak in the community, with legislators, support bills that make sense for reform, etc. Is this something that could (or should) be done with my Minister credential? I am wondering if I should file for incorporation and follow the IRS instruction for churches or just do it as an individual. Has anyone out there started a non-profit with their credential? Thank you for your assistance! Jodi