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  1. Knowing that you are an empath, your dreams are not so strange. You are a spiritualist seeking a temple this is your mansion. You are searching for higher knowledge this is your university and the terminal in your dreams of the dead is the portal between life and death. You feel the answers lie in the after life. You yourself have touched death and returned. The conference of business suits and feelings of judgment is your desire to find out your purpose here. You feel you were sent here to complete a task and that your existence is being critiqued by a higher order who determines if you are ready to move on to next level of existence.
  2. I agree with a lot of this, however having great vision I believe our comprehension level stems farther then our human brain. I believe we have energy perception which is a understanding to perceive and grasp ideas on a level outside the human mind.
  3. Interesting Theory. Once again quantum physics is being applied. I believe this world is as real as our human forms and we must take control of our minds and free will to make it a better place for all.
  4. (This prayer asks God for divine intervention, while the one who is reciting it Offers to God their good will and humanity, in return for the miracle of God’s spiritual blessing. Say this prayer in peace and by your free will, live your lives compassionately and humanely as you stand by these words.) Dear God, Watch over me and keep me and my loved ones in your care. Through the good will and glory of your grace, I ask that you protect us from all sickness and inhumanity that may come our way. It is by my own free will, that in return for these divine interventions I will use all of my compassion and intellect to help this planet Earth while I educate all life forms to live a more humane life and serve humanity with the power of their actions and words. Until the end of my allotted time here on Earth dear God, I pledge myself wholly to you and to all humane acts of compassion and kindness. Thank you for this blessing and for this new life that I must lead. Amen and Blessed Be.
  5. "One act of humanity is bliss. One act of ignorance is devastating."

  6. Welcome to the ULC forums, Gospel Truth. I hope you find "home" here as much as so many others have.

    Blessings of Peace,