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  1. Six said: "I bought a chapel because I loved the building, then figured it could be fixed up for small weddings, then made the connection that I could be one of the people marrying other people.

    It also makes me feel more solid in my spirituality.

    I have yet to determine where it will ultimately lead me, but I know it's leading somewhere."

    I love that one! I bet the chapel is beautiful too! (I love all y'alls, but that one was like God leading six on step by step ya?)

    I spent four years accusing myself before accepting ordainment. Not about God. ALWAYS a believer, but I asked myself everytime I thought of the collar "But do I have the guts to stand for the truth? Can I take it?"

    Finally, I decided other people needed help I could give and jumped in. It was the first time I felt like I was who I was supposed to be in this world, and doing something I could understand and not botch up all the time.

    When I left the first Church I was with I was utterly burned out on serving a bishop because we did, like little heroes - and he got revealed as corrupt and abusive. That one shamed me big time because I thought I was serving two orphanages and a women's shelter and it turned out we were mostly serving him. :angry:

    That is when I first read Kirby Hensley's story, and how he, knowing nothing, walked out into the world anyway. I pushed the ULC button. That's it.

    That was a long time ago and still goin'.... :thumbu:

  2. What is meant is that all countries have different laws and some countries like the USA it would be ok but some countries it would be very dangerous. It will be dangerous in all cases for you to evangelize in muslim countries but in some the legailty will differ.

    You will need to check country by country. Your ordination idetifies you as a christian minister, but all ministers are subject to the same laws in any province.

    Your ordination comes from the church - any license that may be required will come from the province requiring it.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Hello Coolhand,

    I don't know why you are posting this "here".

    Most of us in this forum don't have eight to twelve years of "biblical" higher education,

    (nor would we want to have such). So most of us here are far too ignorant to understand your (rather arrogant) argument. Most of us are, however, quite capable of understanding what Bishop Shelby Spong (and Pete) are saying, and we have a somewhat higher opinion of what the "typical church goer" is capable of discussing intelligently.

    Why not post this opinion instead, on some other forum, where all the members are "Bible College people"? I am sure that they will be better able to relate to your point-of-view on this matter.

    I know that I, for one, am just too ignorant to "get it".

    Grace and Blessings,


    I understood it and agreed with the OP - the author tends to want to make a case but is always resorting to evidence that his audience never heard of. I think it was a good post for people who see that all the time. I live in the South and they don't even read the book - it is just a justification for them to do whatever they want and justify it - but they don't even know if their justification is in the book :lol:

    But yeah - it is a waste of folks money on that book because the title will catch you but the rest is a bit obscure and he does not obey the "bible rules" he is honking about himself - hence I felt that he was doing what the OP said.

    A free copy of PaRDeS and the original languages will benefit a regular person more than that particular book.

    I don't think Hexalpa was speaking for us all - heh - hopefully anyway :lol:

  4. IF the Pope is infallible, then we may ALL have:

    Minor boy lovers

    Gay marriage rituals

    Murder our enemies or people who anger us

    Money launder for Nazis or any aggressive, murderous world power

    Practice genocide

    and all be fine in the morning!


    Oh yeah - Al - I didn't know the ripp-off clinker coin story! Thanks! The heathens here will LOVE that one! Can't say I'm suprised though....

  5. We give alms - which is money to help the poor. Charity is tolerance of others, biblically speaking.

    But we are about out of alms for the most part. We have what we can share with the outer world and what we have to keep to take care of our membership.

    We used to do almonry school and almonry clinic but we just could not afford them and people here do not put much money or effort into things like that.

    They are good about giving away food, but a reason to be alive eating it seems to be in short supply! :lol:

  6. Murphzlaw1

    A very good point and one that often gets accidentally or impishly overlooked. Any of us can "knee-jerk" about a statement, topic or issue and we can read our own feelings or perspective into it all too easily.

    I only affirm your point as it applies to all threads and many new people are looking at the forum all the time. One of the "given" etiquettes is careful consideration of all headings LEADING to the topic of interest. So often we come in and see something interesting before we have had a chance to look, learn and feel our way around. It is good training exercise indeed and you seemed even in your response which is noble as well. :thumbu:

  7. I have had awhile to wander around so...first I was just intenerant and helped raise funds for an orphanage and woman's shelter. Years later I counseled, was with the teritiary franciscans for a brief stint but joined the sons for more autonomy. I counseled, then oversaw counseling and education services, then finally became the senior health officer which I still serve today.

    So that really means I oversee food and medicine quality for the congregation, take care of animals and deal with advanced or difficult human cases others aren't ready for. I'm at least as involved in the plant/mushroom stores and processing as I am in patient care.

    It is full time and all consuming - but I get to live in a beautiful place and my "job" is that everyone be healthy and content. No money in it though, and it is challenging out here (forest/way rural). But it isn't poisonous :lol: and it does leave some time for personal pursuits.