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  1. So that was the co-worker 'who's Anne Rice' experience... pitiful! BUT... let me take you back to a London side street in 1989 when I was leaving work with a girlfriend when suddenly, the Beatles record producer "Sir George Martin' was walking by... not a care in the world.. nice and casual! So I gasped and checked my pulse and blinked to be sure it wasn't a dream before chanting "Oh my God that's George Martin... GEORGE MARTIN!!!!!!" The girlfriend frowned and enquired "Er... George who????" At the age of 22 and with a lovely complexion and nice brown eyes before the comment... she very very
  2. Working my way through the forum and finding all kinds of fascinating stuff!

  3. I think if they'd said 'Ten aid workers killed' there's a good chance, as sad as it may seem, that the story would not have got anywhere near the intended reaction. At the same time, the friends and families of those killed may have felt that the press had shrugged it off as something insignificant compared to the killing of military personnel. It could also be a case of the media editors wanting the rest of the world to know that aid workers do come from different cultures and backgrounds. My hope, is that this incident does not delay aid getting to the people that need it.. when we stop doin
  4. RevAl Not only are you and yours in my prayers today, but I'll do what I'd normally do for those close to me who are experiencing a harrowing and destructive set of circumstances that appear to be gaining momentum and causing so much hurt. I'll keep a candle burning for your family to help keep them in my thoughts today and hope that your situation improves as quickly as possible. God bless
  5. Thanks Hex and RevRainbow.. I believe it's something to be shared for lots of reasons and I'm thankful to you both for taking the time to read it!
  6. For fantasy and without any doubt whatsoever... Stephen R Donald's 'Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever' series... brilliantly conceived plot and characters and written with intense skill! David Eddings - 'Belgariad' series - undeniable classsics! Raymond E Feist - start with Magician from the 'Riftwar Cycle' series and I promise you won't come back to this reality using willpower alone ;o))
  7. My father passed away at the age of 84 on 6th April 2010 in a hospital bed in England. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer over ten years ago and in that time endured a few minor strokes but recovered quickly, had glaucoma, and in the last three years walked with a frame. His wife of 20 years was an alcoholic and this contributed to her death in November of last year. My father had a Roman Catholic upbringing, served 7 years in the British army (1939 - 1947), and worked as a labourer for most of his life. We were never really close and I spent most of my childhood witnessing the consequences of
  8. Good Morning everyone.. hope you have a great day!

  9. For a short while during her mid-teens, my daughter was becoming increasingly anxious at school and especially as she did well in class and with homework but tended to blank out during exams. It's awful for any parent to witness anxiety in a child (or teenager in this case) because it can so often be an 'enclosed' almost introspective process for the kid and teachers are not always equipped with the skills to deal with it effectively. The report my daughter brought home had a parent's comment section that you simply comment in and return to the school for their files. Nowhere did the report me
  10. I became ordained as part of a spiritual 'fine tuning' process in a world where it's so easy to become completely de-tuned by world events and the negative stuff we're bombarded with on a daily basis. As a child with an RC upbringing in England, I liked going to mass for the most part. I had many a conversation with the crosses and statues along the way and my friends and I would play 'Priests' in the outside toilet complete with curtains for vestments and candles at each side of the toilet for an altar. Some of my mother's brass ornaments were used for added authenticity. Since then, I've see
  11. Classical music is a very interesting title for music written and composed years ago or just the other day. Sadly, many people look at classical music and particularly the idea of attending a classical concert as something only the ‘fur and pearls’ brigade would be interested in.. the guys that would likely step over the homeless on their way into the carpeted foyers without even noticing the person at their feet! One thing is for sure… classical music belongs to us all, doesn’t really have any borders or social barriers except for the ones we, as individuals might want to construct. Nope… it’
  12. Very cool pre-fab four!! Thanks for sharing!