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  1. Been a few years but I am back. Was beat down by serious health issues.

  2. I am going to be doing my first wedding on Halloween night...very psyched!!!

  3. Taking some time to investigate starting a Gnostic Christian Church

  4. I find it hard to fully explain my reasoning for becoming ordained other than I felt it was a calling. I have a friend that is ordained (not through ULC) and I thought it sounded kinda cool. I did some research and i came across a lot of sites that just seemed like a joke. I found ULC and was going between this one and another ULC site that I had seen was dealing with a few people saying they had been scammed by them. I admit I found a liking for this one. I let it lay for a few days to decide if I really wanted to do it when one day I was sitting on my porch having a smoke and my neighbor was