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  1. As a 10 year veteran of the USAF and a Pagan throughout the entire time, I have seen the religious acceptance change dramatically over the years of service. Now years after my separation from the military I am a homemaker and volunteer for schools and awareness groups, and still a Pagan. My family is returning to military life as my husband is an officer. I recall a lot of the issues of practicing Wicca or any pagan tradition on base and some of the problems of being in a coven. Sometimes rights afforded to structured organized religious clergy but not so readily to coveners without clergy, such as the sanctity of the confessional, and privacy of "parishioners" as an example. Wiccans feel all are followers are "clergy", and personal responsibility and personal relationships with the divine do not "require" an official clergy, however laws do not always respect the sanctity of coveners privacy and religious resources. I wanted to protect and serve my fellow coveners as well as protect their religious rights and freedoms via government accepted clergy officiants. Also a full time psychology student, I am working towards my counseling and theology studies to continue to support and aid the pagan community.