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    Phoenix, AZ

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    Animals - Birds, Bearded Dragons, Dogs, Cats, Horses
    Hobbies - Motorcycles, Hiking, Backpacking
    Games - World of Warcraft
    Beliefs - Spirits, Animal Spirits, Nature Serenity

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    Student, Priest, Audio Engineer

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My Personal Page

I am a young guy looking to gain a better understanding of world-religions.

I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran and attended a Non-Denominational Church.

I do not fully agree with the Lutheran teachings and I mostly agree with the Non-Denominational and Bible church's teachings.

My religion is pagan

My Spirituality is in a Higher Power

My Meditation and conversations with my Higher Power are through animals and Nature.

My place of serenity is at the beach (listening to the sounds of the ocean)

I believe that animals, plants, trees, and all nature have spirits inside of them. - "Animism"

I believe there is a God, and that Christ died for the sins of all people - "Christian"

I believe that there are many universal Higher Beings - "Universal Unitarianism"

I believe that the Universe and God are one in the same - "Pantheism"

I believe that I have many higher powers depending on the situation - "Polytheism"

I claim Pagan because of having so many different thoughts and beliefs.

I am a country Dweller, though I live in the city, I am a country boy!