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  1. Performed first 2 weddings this month & 3 new inquiries to respond to!

  2. The rules in NYC are somewhat fuzzy when you read them. Many have said that NYC requires you to be leading a congregation in NYC to perform marriages. Please post here ONLY if you have SUCCESSFULLY registered AND performed a wedding in New York City. If that is the case... please post and tell us step-by-step what you did!
  3. Here is where you can begin the ONLINE registration for NYC to officiate a wedding. I clicked through, but did not submit so I could see the options. Note: Universal Live Church WAS listed in the dropdown as one of the denominations. Also note, OPTION #1 asks for the directory (does not specify print or online), OR "a letter from the publisher indicating your name is in the directory. It seems to me ULC could satisfy OPTION #1 quite easily. Has anyone done this?