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  1. At eleven at night that was the most concise expression of the website I could manage. There's some good information there, and a lot of pseudo-scientific conjecture designed to mislead the ignorant. It strikes me as nothing more than an attempt to justify literal creationist theory with half-truths and unsupported hypotheses. I'm happy to discuss it all in more detail, but I wanted to study the site in more depth before I got too involved. Let me start with Noah's Ark.. why would anyone think it's on top of a mountain? When the flood waters receded, it is said, the dove returns with an olive
  2. ...or so I am named by both the Dreamspell and Chinese zodiac. As Kokopelli bears the seeds and promise of spring, so am I a weaver of the Yellow Seed Wavespell, and this is a day of great healing power and responsibility for me. Whatever your faith I ask only that you join me in prayer today so that we may ALL come together in harmony, and find peace. I Channel in order to Love Inspiring Loyalty I seal the Process of Heart With the Resonant tone of Attunement I am guided by the power of Spirit I am a galactic activation portal Enter me
  3. I find this absolutely hilarious coming from someone who apparently hasn't even considered the Preface to his own "authorized" version (itself derived from Greek translations of Hebrew texts.) "They that are wise, had rather have their judgments at liberty in differences of readings, than to be captivated to one, when it may be the other." I do not doubt that the word of God is contained within, but to claim it is the sole and ultimate authority is to display an ignorance and arrogance that even the translators did not possess. "For is the kingdom of God to become words or syllables? Why shoul
  4. Any action can be, and probably is, both moral and immoral at the same time... just depends on who you ask. Suicide can be considered immoral if you believe that your life belongs to God and "Thou shalt not kill" applies not just to other people, but yourself as well. Or maybe it's just silly. Depends who you ask.