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  1. Psychology 101 shows that man's mind comes with a self fill bias. If we open a book to look for lies, we'll find it in the words even if it is because of our misuse of context. The Urantia book is the book of truth, and you should not open it unless that is what you are looking for. I have seen people walk away believing the UB speaks of racisims and such, but that is only taken out of context and through a lack of understanding.

  2. My hope for this thread is to get a working body of media, television, movie, music, and any other media refrences to the ULC.

    Chris Stevens (John Corbett) was the reformed criminal turned local D.J. for the radio station in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska on the show Northern Exposure. He was their local religious leader performing various religious ceremonals by means of an Ordination he recieved "Out of the back of a rolling stone mag". It isn't to the Fifth Season, Episode 20, that the Universal Life Chruch recieved mention. But there it is for all to see.

    Northern Exposure Season 5 Episodes 20: A Wing and a Prayer

    John Corbett as Chris Stevens

    "In the back of a rolling stone."



  3. I'd like to address myself to you as a musician. I'm not. I'm a perfectionist. I play guitar and know how to sing, among many other learned musician trates, but I believe that these things are required to be a musician along with that feeling inspired by a musing. Be that whatever you may call it.

    Truly, what can be called a musician? I know dumb kids without talent or knowledge whom have dubbed themselves this labble as if they could.

    Music sooths the savage beast it is said. Should this be considered as a requirement to being a musician?

    So I started this thread in hopes that some other musicians or musically inclined people might have a place to discuss Music Theory and/or all else that pertains.

  4. "God", creator of all of everything, is very real. I've known this since before I spoke my first words. A strange disillusionment happened the older became. Men, here on this planet, seem to be very far from that which I knew as a child. I have always been a "minister".

    I've only been "Ordained" for a week or two depending upon how you count it. I'm trying to project the meaning of being papered upon my lifestyle. I'm using the officiallity of the ordination to try to find more patients when dealing with others.

    Also I guess I'm at a phase where I'm trying to learn the legalities of the thing.

  5. Thank you for the links, Michael. It's exceedingly helpful to be pointed at somewhere to start given the bulk of information!

    Good fortune on your journey. The Urantia book is a banquet, and in this world were we are taught there is no such thing as a "free meal", to be careful of every step foward in only logical. As I've said I knew (researched) very old documents before ever opening the Urantia book. I looked into many topics and ancient relgions so much so that I had an impressive mental "model" of what happened and was happening. The fact that the urantia papers not only matched my mental model of what was, is, and is to come, but then filled in questions I had not even asked yet, was the real way I knew that it is real. I wouldn't have trusted it otherwise. And sometimes I still have to ask myself "how can this be?", but then I have to realize our creator is a loving one that will do all that he can to suport the children of the universe from falling into confusion and darkness.

  6. Flashback to 2002, I've been online for a few years, I'm a smart lad, I personally have intrest in and take note of internet trending, and I blurt out to my computer science teacher and room how in a couple years people will be deliviering streaming video. Most everyone scoffed, I nearly scoffed at myself, because no-one knew how that would happen. Keep in mind this is before youTube and video sharing websites. I wish I new because I'd be a millionare now. However I wasn't the creator just another visionary.

    Back to the future now, we sit, at our computers, scanning through crap video after crap video looking for something good. There is some good, and lots of not so good, but good god it came true.

    What is the next step?

  7. Universal Synergy, worldly legalities, establishing one's self in the vein of divinity, to uphold brotherhood unity, to be here and now globally, and just to hang out are some of the many reasons I joined the ULC. I believe that it is in fact God that calls and creation that makes the choice to listen or turn a deaf ear. Being subjicated to a group of men weather you're "worthy" to be found relevant enough to be a worker in the heavenly uplifting, affiliation with "their" churches", is silliness. Nothing new is it because the greatest uplifters were not recognized by the "churches" of the day. Jesus is a great example of this fact. As the saying goes history repeats itself be it good or not. And it would seem this folly of men keeps happening. Jesus didn't come to make a church, a new religion, Jesus came to free man from the repressive nature of churches of men. The ULC is the first legalized "church" to recognize this. It has righteous beginnings to boot.

    The question however is why did I join? I've always been a spiritual man, seeking higher and higher stages of truth, taking a sober look at this planet and its peoples, and religions, and trying to paste together the "lost story" that seems to be readdresses vaguely in all religions. And that is among many other spiritual leanings.

    However if I were to put one reason "out there" I guess it would have to be the great parking spots at hospitals. ;)

  8. It will be helpful to remember that the Urantia Book was delivered in the 20s and 30s - the language is a little stilted at times, but as one goes through the book, the language becomes easier to read. By the time you get to Part IV - The Life and Teachings of Jesus - it is quite easy to digest. Also, the concepts that seem difficult (although so interesting) require that our brains be stretched somewhat to contain them. You'll find that the next time you read, you'll get a whole new understanding, if you allow yourself to be open.

    I was introduced to the Urantia papers many years ago. However I didn't believe that a true work of God should be "owned" even if it was only by "copywrite" laws. In 2003 that copywrite was taken away from the "Urantia Foundation" by a court of law suit by the "Michael Foundation". Since that time the book has been "freed" of ownership and given, to who it belongs, to the people of the world..

    Since that time the upswing of the Urantia book has been gainning, no doubt due to its unassocitive nature with any single group. This is not without its drawbacks. A couple "crazy cults" have formed around the Urantia book. Namely "Gabriel of Urantia" and others, but this is nothing new. If we were to compair "crazy cults" the bible still comes in the easy winner. LOL!!!

    It's only too true that the more you strech your mind to consume the deep and multi-leveled understandings contained within the Urantia papers, the more of it opens upto you.

    Some people really enjoy reading. However I find more understanding to be gained by listening to the free Urantia Book downloads. Since the libiration of the Urantia book in 2003, more then a single group has posted the entire Urantia book on line for free download.

    Below are two free download resources for the Urantia book audio mp3. It's my personally favorite way to fly.



    Below are resources for free online copies of the Urantia book both in text and mp3 audio book.



    I always try to drone in with the fact that the "Urantia Book" isn't a book but a set of papers, so this fact doesn't require reading from front to back. I found it best of find a place in the set of papers that you have personal ties too for the start of your personal introduction to "the alien bible, book of turths".

  9. For example - what's with all the made up words? The only information I can find for the etymology of Urantia is written by the creators of the book. What is all this new terminology based on?

    A very logical and well though out question. For the answer we must look at the nature of the word. Words for many years have been made up of other words from older languages. The words words are made up of are known as the root words. Understanding the root word helps you to understand the true meaning behind a word. The term "World" is a great example. Many people assume world to mean like planet, but this is a popular misuse of the term. Etymology is the study of word meanings. The term "world" can be traced back to old english and is a compound of wer (meaning "man") and eld (meaning "age), thusly the term world means "age of man" that is a far cry from equating it to planet.

    So through Etymology a word's meaning is understood and the use of new words can be judged made up or from the older words.

    In this video on youTube the Etymology of the word "Urantia" is examined:

    Or if you'd like to cut to the chase the term "Urantia" works out to mean "Your Heavenly Place". The word isn't made up. It can be traced to its roots.

  10. Has anyone read the Urantia Book?

    There's a lot of good discussion about the ancient texts that go on here, I was wondering if anyone would like to discuss thoughts they may have about this book, printed approx. 1955.

    here's the Urantia Book Fellowship page: Urantia book fellowship

    there's a lot out there about the Urantia Book so i won't do a big description here, Just want some thoughts from the folks here...

    I am one of those "ancient texts" people. If it is not already recorded in some way in past documentation then the book needs be questioned is my stance. However with the Urantia book, it is predated and postdated with ancient texts and this is one of the several powerful legs of "truth" that will hold this book above all others in the long run.

    I'm speaking about the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Library Scrolls. Those ancient scrolls contained "lost knowledges" in religious understandings and many other states of knowledge. Jesus didn't read a bible. Jesus as it was back in that day studied from a huge Library of scrolls. Much of that text was thought lost in the great fire, but it some that "lost knowledge" unearthed itself with the lost scrolls.

    There are several major points contained within the lost scrolls that are predated to publication by the Urantia book. Yet the lost scrolls and hidden knowledges predate the urantia book. It is by this single act of the devine that should spark the intrest in the urantia book for anyone that seeks to know the truth about themselves and our creator "God".

    That predated/postdated lost knowledges unearthed and suported is only a drop in the bucket that has made the Urantia Papers stand above all other works of this modern era.

  11. In 2003 the copywrite for the "Urantia Book" was taken away from the "Foundation". This put the book in the public domain where it belongs.

    There is so many reasons to gain understanding that the Urantia book is what it claims to be that I'm sure we only need wait until the next big wave of the spirit of truth comes to this small planet.