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  1. I am still working on my page but I sought ordination and further study because I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and as one I get a lot of "information" about people both verbally and non-verbally. Conventional religion frowns on the Reiki practice as "witchcraft" or "satanism"...also I cannot subscribe to the "woman as subservient" theory that is practiced so commonly. I have survived a summer in the hospital in a coma with two life-saving surgeries...I am not supposed to be least that is the medical I know there is a purpose, just have to finish healing and find it. But, the ordination came to me and it "quieted my soul" so to speak so I decided to add this to my Reiki practice.

    I was, in my life, involved with several churches, brought up Episcopalian and found Southern Baptist in the service, went to a Church of God, got asked to leave because of the way I dressed, .... and so on.... I have searched for years and Paganism makes so much sense, the Goddess, the God, the Balance of male and female, light and dark....all the Earth is in a balance and we have the responsibility to care for Gaia and Her Offspring.

    I believe that all of us need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. I believe that many dont do this and this is part of the problem. I believe that men and women are equal....there is no race, no religion, no education, no philosophy that makes anyone better than another....all should accept who they are and be responsible for that....not try to change others or exert their control over others. Of course, I must say here that all this is simply my opinion and my philosophy for life.....

    I want to leave a positive footprint on this Earth, on some hearts and, if possible, in some minds....with this goal, I sought ordination and will continue to study and apply my learning, my compassion and my life-force to the good of all Mother Earth.