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  1. In the beginning their was a vast void of emptiness .

    Then she choose to love her self ,

  2. Universal Beliefs and Thoughts ya love this part

  3. Hello Lily i to am new to being Ordained ,

  4. Lisa theil is one of the best you can find her on you tube YouTube Playlist Of LISA
  5. In the mythology of the Witchs Sabbats, Ostara celebrates the return of the Goddess from the Underworld. Warmed by the strengthening light of the Sun, she awakes bursting forth from her sleep and blankets the earth with fertility. As the Sun God stretches and grows to maturity, he and the Goddess walk the fields and forests and, delighted with the abundance of life and nature, inspire all living things to grow and reproduce. Fertility The main focus at Ostara was to honour the Gods and Goddesses whose blessings were invoked to promote fertility during the planting season. One of the fertility animals associated with the Goddess at Ostara is the Snake, which emerges from its winter hibernation to bask in the spring sunshine. Due to the constant shedding of its skin, the snake was seen as a symbol of new life. In many of the worlds creation myths, the Goddess in the form of a snake laid the Egg of Original Beings, better known as the World Egg or the Cosmic Egg of Creation, which was split open by the heat of the Sun God. The inside yolk of the egg represents the Sun God, while the outside shell is seen as the womb of the Goddess. The whole, therefore, is uniquely symbolic of creation, birth and new beginnings.
  6. yes i love this time in our wheel. Ostara is one of the Fire Festivals observed by our ancestors, who lit bonfires and torches as a focal point of the celebrations. Fire is especially symbolic of the rising Sun, and of old, it was customary to light bonfires on top of nearby hills in his honour.