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  1. It Matters Not I have no religion, with which I fit, Nondenominational, neither cult nor sect, I purely have God’s love within my heart. To remain loyal to my Truth, my navigational chart. Each to their own I say, simply be the best at what that is. For each path ultimately leads us all towards death. Our common theme, love of God we do unite. What difference of how we attain our goal. God is One! God is All! Called by many names, seen as many forms. No matter what you’re Higher Power, He loves every man. In reverence to your world my Lord, I salute your command. I am married none (Nun)the less to God. Although I wear not the cloth of God, He shrouds me in his Love. Although I practice not the silence of Word I taste him on my tongue. Although I sing not his song of praise, Harmony vibrates my whole being. Although I pray not in words, He hears my essence calling. This Warriors Quest Lord you gave me Love, you gave me Strength, To live this lie of conditioned length. You helped me Lord to break the spell, Which allows my heart only Truth to tell. I searched and stripped each conditioned thread Till I was raw and naked, the Truth undressed. Like a child of innocent glow, With the Truth unleashed allowed to flow. Limitations that restricted my quest, Were lost amongst this warriors test. And to you Dear Lord, my heart felt Love For guiding me safely on this, my Spiritual Path.