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    Good coversation, outdoors, Love animals ,exploring different beliefs and views concerning spirituallity, spending time with friends, meeting new people.
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  2. Hello to all. Here to meet new people, get new Ideas and just keep my spiritual heath on track.

  3. Im real new here and to be real honest when I first heard about this way to become ordained I thought it was a joke , but I looked into it. At the time I was incarcerated in Missouri. After becoming ordained I got to thinking that since I had done so ,and had an extreme amount of time with nothing to do I might as well put it to good use. I began talking to various people in various denominations, going to different services and doing an awful lot of reading. after and during all of this I found out many things I didnt know and the more I learned the more I became interested I would say that at this time I am still undecided as to a religon to follow. I go to a baptist church was re Baptised and one reason for this was While I was incarcerated my friends seemed to disapear but what did appear was Christmas cards for people who lived by me before I got into trouble so I felt this church was a great place to start. Now it seems I have more and more people that I know asking me for advise, wanting me to marry them etc. I really dont feel I am qualified to do most of thisand really feel that looking at my passed Im not one that should be looked to as far as What to do but feel I am more than qualified to tell most what not to do!!! Any way always open for advise. Makes me wonder though if I lead someone in the wrong direction what will be my punishment on judgement day??? So Hello all and to answer the question on what I am doing with my ordianation, The answer would be Unknown. would like to use it to somehow help others just dont know where to get started. Any Ideas