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  1. So far, I'm just reading the forums on this web site, and whatever is on the other two ULC web sites, the HQ and seminary.
  2. The moral to my writing my long statement twice is never post a statement when you have a headcold coming on. I didn't concentrate too well the first time, and I made a mistake: Friends General Conference is abbreviated FGC, not GFC. Sorry about that. Meanwhile, you can check out my (somewhat well edited) web site by typing "Dotty's Dimensions" on Google. Blessing to you all.
  3. Hello Everybody, I read a book called The Underground Economy (about self employment), and one of the chapters mentioned the Universal Life Church. Because this book was published in 2005, it printed the former web site. Nevertheless, upon checking Google, I read the note under the different web sites and clicked onto the seminary site. Later, I joined. At this point, I'm not trying to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc. However, I do find the web sites for ulc to be interesting reading. I was raised Roman Catholic, but my parents also allowed me to attend a Lutheran bible school. The L