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  1. NEWS10 on medical mission slain in Afghanistan

    Ten members of a Christian medical team — six Americans, two Afghans, one German and a Briton — are gunned down in a gruesome slaughter that the Taliban said they carried out....


    Okay now this takes it too far

    Why does it matter the nationalities of the Christians?

    I know a few Afghani Christians in toronto

    This is unacceptable

    The media should not be trying to provoke an Islamic response

    Release it with that headline in Afghanistan

    I don't want the war here

    Please correct me if I am wrong in being highly offended that this type of prejudiced journalism is allowed in the 21st century

  2. have faith

    we are twenty six million by your side

    you are "accredited"

    my suggestion, write a course in your discipline submit it to the seminary take it and pass it.

    in the mean time simply tell the public you have a calling and are a believer, student and a servant.

    I might know how you feel.

    people give out titles to each other.

    our church is no exception, we recognize a calling and ordain

    that is all the accreditation you need

    it stands up because our church stands up

    honour system as it were,

    live up to it and it will serve you well

  3. Here is a translation of Cassius Maximus Tyrius, known as Maximus of Tyre, a pagan teacher from the 2nd century AD:

    For the God who is the Father and Creator of all that is, not to be named by any lawgiver, is not to be uttered by any voice, is not to be seen by any eye...Let all men know what is divine, let them know, that is all. If Greeks are stirred to the remembrance of God by the art of Phidias, or the Egyptians by the worship of animals, or others by a river, or others by fire, I will not quarrel with their differences. Only let them know, let them love, let them remember.

    I find myself very much in agreement with this.

    What do you think?

    As a general rule since I've taken my vows I don't refer to Him as "God". There's is no difference between throwing the G bomb around than saying Joe down the street. I still find the term acceptable to refer to male deities and try not to utter their names in vain either. That said I tolerate it when others do, and see nothing wrong with addressing Him as such in prayer or saying grace. Many Christians seem to throw it around when generally discussing Him. other than that most other people don't talk much about Him at all, or they throw it out there as a curse word which to me is ironic. Many an atheist throws down a GD bomb.

  4. ah... okay, thanks guys.

    I know a few ministers and pastors and such maybe I can ask them.

    So, anything that doesn't take a certificate should be legal then.

    yeah, due to the monarchy it is a little stricter up here I might have to go to a denominational bible college if someone wanted me to do a legal ceremony.

    I'm kind of torn, really love what the Universal Life Church stands for

    cross that bridge when we get to it i guess

  5. Greetings,

    I have done some research and found very few if any references as to whether ULC Ministers have any status here in Ontario

    I found one reference that says we are allowed to perform services in 2 provinces but not which ones

    When I am ready I would like to be able to help people should they need me to perform ceremonies

    If anyone has any insight into this matter please let me know

    Thanks for your time

  6. G_d called me back to the fold in order to help all of the people around me who are disillusioned

    I want to be able to counsel them and help them grow closer to spiritual living

    As yet I am not really consciously doing anything with my ordination

    I am enrolled in a study program and serve where i am needed to the best of my ability

    Ever since I was called I have felt a spiritual awakening such as I have rarely felt before