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    Interests include genealogy, herbalogy, astrology, crystals, healing, Reiki , nature, new age, natural stuff (- I make my own soaps and bath products, also cleaning products), homemade cooking.

    I am your classic live alone in the woods hermit, whispers from little children passing by about a "witch lives there" while they hurry by watching out of the corner of their eye in case of any movement.
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  1. Since I was very young I wanted to be a minister, it was my secret dream. My path has led me to all kinds of weirdness, I am a weird person. I don't fit anywhere, but I feel like I do fit here. Diversity is the usual here. I was worried how my family would react to this news. I only began telling them tonight what I was doing. Everyone is very happy and excited for me though! I was reading through friends updates on facebook, a friend posted this link, as soon as I saw it, something told me, "it is time" I am very thankful for the link! I plan to keep learning and growing, I am pagan so there
  2. stumbling around the forum