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  1. Doc, its only a scratch... I'll be better doc, as soon as I am able... (new format is a bit confusing, for adding media)
  2. If we do loose touch for a while, as things happens , I just want to say... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iafnAiYDpXM&feature=fvwrel didn't all go the way I hoped it would have , but theres no time to dwell on that crap now, we've got new stuff on the way...
  3. I did really manage to catch these guys at the 9:30 Club back in,,. oh, I think around 90', or 91' , right around the same time that I started doing the things that makes one forget entire decades at a time...
  4. I wear a shirt that cost a dollar 25, I know I'm the best dressed man alive.... let's go down the dime store, 'round midnight, and look at the rain
  5. 2 things I know for sure are: don't know how it all got started, and , don't know where its all gonna end

  6. she is hot, but it looks like she's got her dad and her uncle playing in the band...thats lame, she should hire some muppets, they're much cuter and less opinionated.
  7. with a little luck and a little help, we might get bak to where we were in the 80's....
  8. I'm not trying to follow the status quo.. .its a different time nowdays ...
  9. trouble ahead, trouble behind, and that didn't just cross my mind

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    2. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      if you say so, but in my crystal ball I see a bit of tough sleddin' ahead... nothing we can't handle

    3. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      this here is mayhem distribution and its time you got your share

    4. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      name of my new label... hush hush

  10. and since I can't share samples of new music now, due to various reasons... I would say that its all gone in really different directions... one of them is kinda like "thirty days in hole", which Is not what I hope this all leading up to..cheers
  11. well, ya know.... ...I know little about livin' in Dad's shadow... If I fail its to be expected, If I succeed its to be expected ... you just can't win.; and my Father is just a small time player in the game, and I guess I'm in the game too... these days.... anyway, my point is, if your old man happens to be someone as significant in history as Kirby Hensley, or even if he was just a guy who worked with alot of famous people in studios and what not..... one reality I have observed is that, you're gonna carry that weight , a long time It's easier for me than others, but its just a microcsom to macrocosm kinda thing.. . all is relative to its own scale ... life's not easy for anyone
  12. Did the Apostles eat at buffets?

    1. santana


      well there was the last supper kinda looked like a buffet to me

  13. I'll always remember this as the summer I was electrocuted many times, maybe next year we can afford better cables

  14. Days may come, and days may go.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaD-JI-SeYc&feature=related
  15. I guess I just thought things were going better for you...I guess we can't all be riding a wave of success in the midst of an economic downturn, can we? Come on Dude, your in Vegas, are you going to tell me there is no money to be made out there?
  16. well since its story telling time..here's an old song I can remember my friend saying "shut up Brian and listen to the lyrics"... ...so with all due respect to ya'll..shut up and listen to the lyrics.... before the deluge
  17. hah, and they said we'd never make it..... now you're a big shot Bishop and I..umm..do whatever it is I do but it seems to be paying the bills...
  18. come here Watson, and look very carefully through the instrument...can't you see.. it's Alive!
  19. well, I guess there are no more pics of this virtual world...I can see where it may be interesting but probably also time consuming, like anything that has to do with computers.
  20. and hell is the next morning..after a night in the air conditioning you can really feel the sunburn and those sore joints just get stiffer...it'll all go away once I get out there and break a sweat, get moving around again.. 100 degree heat? 100 percent humidity? Air pollution, noise pollution, traffic jams, you know its summer in the city http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYuVPGmw3D4&feature=related
  21. Heaven is just lying here in my apartment, listening to the radio...feeling so helpless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BREYCGWOouw just change "North Ontario' with "Any Town, USA", and you've got the same 'ol story over and over again.... Back to work tommorrow, but that's another day...
  22. ahhh, air conditioning..cozy couch... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFR9CFJMn74&feature=related Ya'll didn't really think I was sleeping in motels the whole time I was gone did ya?
  23. overslept, running late as usual, not leaving a vacation min you, this is hard work, several jobs in different places...fun stuff... Virtual world is interesting, bit I travel through so many different worlds as it is..I'm was wondering if you could posts some pics here..seems the thread for it. The best part of being gone for a couple days is when I get back there should be lots of new posts. Take care, see ya in a couple of days.
  24. I'm glad to hear that. You know, the internet and all. I get along much better with women than men in general. Guys just can't deal with me, ego, jealousy and all. Don't know why guys who make ten times the income that I make a year would be like that, but still it is so. Yeah, my photo is like only a few days old. I update my photo every few months or so, because I see it too and I get tired of looking at me. Besides its summer time and I've been working outside, so I'm good and sun baked now. The virtual world sounds really cool, but I know nothing about it. I only am on line when I am home - I don't do computer at work, and I don't have a smart phone. I do have mobile web but no querty keyboard and just Opera Mini as the browser, so I check in here sometimes while I'm on the road but I don't post 'cause it takes me a half hour just to type one sentence on that phone. And be leaving tommorow morning for at least one night out, maybe two. I'll check in in the morning and then I'm gone, should be back home to my apartment by Thursday. Talk to you soon