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  1. well, while I've got your attention, just remember, my album comes out next spring, distibuted through B.M.I and my new label, mayhem distribution, which you can now find on youtube although theres no content there yet, but its coming...I'm working on it, dang it, give me time, I need time....yeah, I'm having fun :)

  2. I am happy when happiness is warranted, sad when sadness is warranted, angry when anger is warranted, etc. Each serves a useful purpose and each should be experienced without excess. As for content, that depends upon the subject itself. The world is filled with vile ignorant people and as long as that remains great amounts of positive potential are squandered. I want to see humanity live up to its potential. As long as superstition and a hundred other problems remain, that will never happen.

    I have to agree, because its so true. As for myself, all I can say is that once I got over my identity issues, things finally started to happen for me. Kirby always said that most problems boil down to an issue with "identity"...

  3. my band, at the shindig at Big Run state park in '91...we got off to a rough start, because we rented alot of equiptment that we weren't familiar with, but the version of "machine gun" (Hendrix song) went over really well, and its on tape somewhere....I don't have a copy though.... and please don't judge me by my father's band, we have much respect but our styles are very different....now, as

    far as mainstream groups, I've seen most of them, "widespread panic" really blew me away. They are much better live than on record. The Meat Puppets also rocked well...;)

    Celtic Woman when they performed at the Castle in Ireland.

    Yea? How'd you get tickets to that?

  4. there's one more view..... :)

    who doesn't like Blue's Traveler.?

    my latest ex-girlfriend, most of my other ex's loved them, even went to some of their shows with me. They were a popular opening act for headlining groups like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Phish and The Allmand Brother's (sorry 'bout spelling)

  5. I'm disappointed that this song doesn't have more views, I watched them perform this in a tent on the "lawn" during Clinton's innaguration...my girlfriend at that time was the daughter of the senior vice president of the New York stock exchange and had a very vested interest in the Democratic party, he never cared much for me, but I kinda miss her....