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  1. there is a rainbow, it waits at the edge of your dreams
  2. thank ya jesus, thank ya always....I got a prayer , for the
  3. well, while I've got your attention, just remember, my album comes out next spring, distibuted through B.M.I and my new label, mayhem distribution, which you can now find on youtube although theres no content there yet, but its coming...I'm working on it, dang it, give me time, I need time....yeah, I'm having fun
  4. 8 years, a bajillion dollars and all we've got is a fart......
  5. seriously, I'm quite glad to be a muppet, its fun
  6. I was just guessing, at numbers and figures...I'm going back to the start
  7. I don't want answers, I've got no questions, I've got nothing left to lose

  8. never, never never never never be.....doesn't mean I'm not on your side, I'm trying to work with you, but I am kind of protective about my girls...learn the rules, someone should have known better,,,,
  9. well, if I survive until this Spring, then my album will come out, and I just cant tell ya all how excited I am about being able to be in your radio... please remember to turn up the volume
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki7hTgXhY4g
  11. I have to agree, because its so true. As for myself, all I can say is that once I got over my identity issues, things finally started to happen for me. Kirby always said that most problems boil down to an issue with "identity"...
  12. can you hear those horses? Cause here they come...
  13. what more can i say? The Season has come now, and its as fresh and new, as you.....
  14. hey girl, you know, you might just have to love them all, them
  15. Fried chicken, and gasoline (or diesel, if you're driving a rig) ...you're gonna need those things...
  16. no two men are ever the same, well,
  17. so I came into a wee lil bit of money, and the first thing I did was buy a wah wah peddle and a pair of platform shoes...can't you see I'm a star?

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      What? No fishnet stockings??

      hehehe...Blessings of Peace!

    2. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      No....then, again, I hadn't thought about it, lol ... I just wanted the lift and the look that the shoes give on stage, perhaps platform isn't exactly the type I mean...that is a real '70's thing, I would just say "stage" shoes ... the wah wah peddle, on the other hand, how can you not love that thing???

  18. my band, at the shindig at Big Run state park in '91...we got off to a rough start, because we rented alot of equiptment that we weren't familiar with, but the version of "machine gun" (Hendrix song) went over really well, and its on tape somewhere....I don't have a copy though.... and please don't judge me by my father's band, we have much respect but our styles are very different....now, as far as mainstream groups, I've seen most of them, "widespread panic" really blew me away. They are much better live than on record. The Meat Puppets also rocked well... Yea? How'd you get tickets to that?
  19. desperate love songs, must we sing them to the wall?
  20. the mountains win, again

  21. if hebrew boys are so much more fun, then why have I slept with so many jewish girls? Oh, wait, I think I know the answer...... dang those jews are sneaky