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  1. If something makes me feel good, then its gonna change my life :!:
  2. ..as compared to Bonnie???...in a word.."no"
  3. Thanks Bro...my Dad is having fun with his retirement and he's doing what he wants to, and thats cool. I should mention that the music of Spoorsack is licensed through BMI.
  4. This is my dad's band..its what he's doing with his retirement. Hey, I wish him the best. He's a fellow ULC Minister...warning about lyrics. Spoorsack
  5. the proof is in the pudding

    1. RevRainbow


      I like chocolate!

    2. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      rum pudding - ( pudding should not taste like alcohol... :P )

  6. ..and a man could use his back or use his brains, but some just went stir crazy Lord 'cause somethings never changed, 'till Bill Doolin met Bill Dalton, He was working cheap,,, just biding time, then he laughed, and said "I'm going", and so he, left that peaceful life behind...
  7. ' cause we're alone now and I'm singing
  8. and open...sometimes you just have ask yourself, "what were you expecting anyway?"...
  9. health wise I'm feeling much better.

  10. darkness at the edge of town

  11. "prepare the ship for ludicris speed"

  12. damn the torpedos...full speed ahead...

  13. I dunno... maybe the compass needs recalibrating maybe the map is outdated maybe I got bad directions...but I i
  14. marmalade...I love marmalade

    1. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      orange marmalade on my toast... mmmmm

    2. Bluecat


      Orange and Orange & Ginger in my storecupboard, :)

  15. on waves of love my heart is breaking... ...crazy on a ship of fools...
  16. licking a frozen flag pole...doh!

  17. takes his flashlight and shines it into the darkness deep

    1. Fawzo


      With all those candles lit you still need a flashlight...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    2. Raven's Trikes
  18. well, too be honest, I've seen better days, but I'm alive and kickin' :)

  19. ...and though I see The Connection; though I see I don't stare...though I see I don't stare... ...and when I'm lost in my direction - one foot follows the other, the other foot follows something new... Great band out Vermont, seen them a few times back the early '90s, back when I used to get out and about.. err..um...I have been out a bit lately, ha!
  20. well, to be honest with you the "NYC Package" is something the Monestary sells...but, you can get all necessary documents through the Real ULC with just a little bit of patience: ) ....as to why Modesto doesn't offer it all in one "package" is a mystery to me. Living on the East Coast myself, this does cause a bit of frustration, but the good news is that once you get registered, you get another set of credentials from NYC, so you're good to go....peace.
  21. people say I'm crazy, doing what I'm doing they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin... I'm just sitting here go round and round