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  1. I don't want answers, I've got no questions, I've got nothing left to lose

  2. so I came into a wee lil bit of money, and the first thing I did was buy a wah wah peddle and a pair of platform shoes...can't you see I'm a star?

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      What? No fishnet stockings??

      hehehe...Blessings of Peace!

    2. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      No....then, again, I hadn't thought about it, lol ... I just wanted the lift and the look that the shoes give on stage, perhaps platform isn't exactly the type I mean...that is a real '70's thing, I would just say "stage" shoes ... the wah wah peddle, on the other hand, how can you not love that thing???

  3. the mountains win, again

  4. it is a very good cigar I must say

  5. mama always said it was because I was born at midnight

  6. I'm back home for one night, all has been resolved, not peacefully though

  7. its a dang shame about it, every chance in the world to just be pardoned, but you, you, you, just can't help yourself

  8. circling overhead and zeroing in... if there's something anybody should tell me, now would be a good time....

  9. sloshing thru my flooded apartment

  10. and so it was, that all the king's horses, and all the king's men, just couldn't put 'ol humpty back together again,...but it didnt really matter 'cause he had a new album coming out next spring

  11. I've never wrote a love song before, this is my first one

  12. I may not have noticed the quake but I still used it as excuse to take the afternoon off.

    1. MorningLight


      I like your thinking

  13. so ya, thought ya, might like to, go to show? To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow/ I've got some bad news for you Sunshine....

  14. a peaceful day, I hope

  15. Ever get that feeling that you just missed out on something good?

  16. I've been up, down, rich, and poor, but I ain't never, felt like this before

  17. 2 things I know for sure are: don't know how it all got started, and , don't know where its all gonna end

  18. trouble ahead, trouble behind, and that didn't just cross my mind

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    2. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      if you say so, but in my crystal ball I see a bit of tough sleddin' ahead... nothing we can't handle

    3. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      this here is mayhem distribution and its time you got your share

    4. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      name of my new label... hush hush

  19. Did the Apostles eat at buffets?

    1. santana


      well there was the last supper kinda looked like a buffet to me

  20. I'll always remember this as the summer I was electrocuted many times, maybe next year we can afford better cables

  21. just checking, are you doing alright?