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    I work alot, if you only work 40 hrs I'd consider that a part time job, and I love to shoot my guns, to fish, and to hunt.<br />I also like to play drums and used to be on stage quite abit in various bands. I also look forward to sharing my beliefs with other average folks of christian beliefs.
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  1. Is there a "church" on the property? there a "pastor residence" on the property?...Need more input to answer parts of the question(s). As stated above, in prior post(s), no felons can do. That's the law. (unless you all want to see a jail up close) And for letting a child shoot a gun there are no requirements on age. It's up to a responsible adult, who can legally own/possess a firearm, to decide if said child may shoot. No law against that one that I am aware of. I know of children shooting as young as 6. (under strict supervision) I own a dozen firearms legally and will keep them on the church property, in my residence, as it will be my "home"...rental or not. You can have, and/or possess, firearms in your own "home". (as long as you can legally own them by law) Now, with that stated, I live in Ohio and am not qualified nor licenced to practice law. Your laws may be different where you live. I just know my rights. Best regards, John
  2. It was a calling is all I can say, for me that is. I've been to a "church" or two in my day and found that the ones I did go to were nothing more than a club...In other words, if you was not dressed right or put money in the collection plate, you really could not be "in the club" without members talking down about you you behind your back. As a child I was basically bribed to go to Sunday school each week with photos taken of me and my dog, at the time, and told "If you come back next week we'll have a picture for you". I won't mention the candy given on the bus. Some people won't attend a church for the same reasons basically, so I am using my ordination to spread the word of God for the regular people, the average folks. I have no dress code other than wear what makes you feel good and as far as a donation plate...There is none...I work for a living and pay my bills, including the bills of the church I have. I find that the average person would like to donate but not in front of, or beside, someone. So my hat's off to the ULC for doing what they do in allowing us to persue our dreams of the perfect "church". I am blessed in life these days and I hope those who read this are blessed as well.