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  1. About five or six years ago I bought the whole kit and kaboodle: the ordination, the doctorate (two of them, right?), the books and tapes on how to conduct various ceremonies, blank certificates, the 'clergy parking pass,' the business cards, etc... With the exception of a single copy of the business card, the whole lot remains in a box in my garage.

    Since the purchase, I have mentioned to maybe a dozen people that I am legally ordained in all 50 states, etc.. I've never had an occasion to exercise the ordination, but I suppose if someone wanted me to marry or baptize them, I would. :inno:

    I've been asked why I don't frame the 'degrees' and place them in a position of honor on one of my I Love Me Walls. Truth is, there isn't any room.


    Gee, it sounds as if you are not trying to make your place in those feilds.

    It sounds as if your depressed and your expectations have run dry.

    If you seek to promote your abilities, you must research the where abouts of the demand.

    As far as all those degrees, business cards, etc.. If this makes you happy displaying it on your walls, you will find the room, but I am guessing you understand that those things are just materialistic and the paper it is written on is just basically a tree product.

  2. The only way this world will pass is by mans hands only.

    The final war, total destruction with atomic weaponry.

    As far as a super nova, I seriously doubt that happening.

    People and their rediculous rumors,lol....

    The more people carry on about, it's almost like they want this to happen.. :wacko:

  3. How to Master Your Spiritual Destiny

    For me, there is no one particular approach or technique in discovering how to become a master of my spiritual destiny. As a matter of truth, I have not really mastered any one thing fully. Every day, every situation in some way is the same yet in some ways, different, so... What I have done though is become better in some things today and I was say, a couple of months ago, a year ago, 10 years ago or even a lifetime(s) ago. My reminder is, "A little progress in many areas is better than no progress in most."

    I do have some spiritual exercises and techniques that I diligent and consciously practice on a daily basis (http://www.BeeBlessedDaily.com). Some of them I practice when I'm in the midst of one of life's challenges or a worrisome situation or a problem or an answer I need to resolve. Many of you may already practice some of these techniques or perhaps have heard or read about them on your journey. I have listed my daily spiritual exercises for you to use or modify and use to fit your own unique self.

    1. • Every morning before I start my day, I fill my heart with Love.
    2. • I sing a love song to God, The Source, Divine Spirit… I sing or chant the word HU (sounds like the word hew). Then I contemplate. Some people pray or meditate.
    3. • I write a Gratitude List. I list everything that I am grateful for before my day begins. (A couple of my favorites are: I AM grateful for the gift of another day, I AM grateful for life and what life reveals to me today.)
    4. • I write in my my Days of Soul Journal every single morning! Sometimes I pen about a dream journey I had the night before or a feeling I may have upon arising or my thoughts at that moment.
    5. • Taking responsibility for everything that happens for me has been, by far, one of the best spiritual exercises I've put into practice. It is the one spiritual exercise that has brought me the most on my journey.
    6. • On a separate sheet of paper I write 15 times, I AM declarations. (Some of my favorites are: I AM a Divine Spark of God; I AM in accord with God's Will and God's perfect plan for me).
    7. • As my day unfolds, I make it a point to be awake and aware and I consciously do my daily tasks in the name of God and Divine Spirit, which includes all that I do, say, how I act and respond, and I do everything for the good of the whole.
    8. • As my day unfolds, I consciously do everything in the name of Divine Spirit, which includes everything I do, say, think, feel and how I act and how I respond. Whatever task I perform, I do with love and for the good of the whole.

    I cherish the gift of life and I trust the Source that resides within. Going within for answer and for guidance is my mainstay rather than solely relying upon reason and logic. I listen to my inner nudges and my Spiritual Master, which resides within and then I take action. I listen to advice and I know where I want to go and I always take the right action. “If you don't know where you want to go, any road will take you there.” Do the absolute very best that you can do, do it with love and for love, be the best you that you are capable of at the moment, surrender and leave the rest to Divine Spirit.



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    Well it seems your day starts off busy....When I awake at 5:30 am, I am wishing I had atleast 3 more hours sleep, then I actually lay there in a dumbfound state with out movment until the last second needed to walk out the door. LOL :coffee:

  4. six six six.....lol

    Thats like saying friday the 13th is a baaaaad day,,,lol

    They are just numbers and with it old wifes tales.

    I do not have a lucky number. I do not believe in luck but rather intended. Meaning things happen for a reason and they happen for no reason.