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  1. Our situation is entirely different than Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or MOVE or whatever; and it has nothing to do with “religious guns”. I did some research into those groups and what I call “religious disasters”.

    The main part of my question in the original post was “Aside from being under lock and key, what are the restrictions for a organization keeping an armory?”

    Theres a reason why the Wells Fargo trucks are armor plated and the guys who carry the money are armed. They are just there to do a job, not to police or judge or enforce, and the money they carry isn't theirs; but if they weren't armed, people would rob them everyday...so I guess its about having something people want and wanting to protect it.

    Edited to add: that the B.U.C. is, and has always been in full cooperation with all Federal, State, and Local authorities.

    In this day and age, if I were a religious organization, I would not entertain the idea of firearms beinig a part of the organization. Just too much can be taken in the wrong perception. I don't understand even why you have asked the question; are you trying to put together a summer church retreat for men? Were you thinking of some way of using the donated guns for the church retreat? For law enforcement, any organization that has an "armory" raises red flags. Another thing...your intentions may be honorable but what if someone in your organization begins to turn the motivation. Having lived in Central Texas and been around several Branch Davidians, most of them were very nice people but a few were really scarey. One Branch Davidian who always visited our synagogue (after the standoff with the government), told me that he was honestly shocked about the situation...said that it only took a few people to spoil the whole setup they had...said those few people are the ones who started the stockpiling and doomsday rhetoric that eventually raised the ire of authorities...said he chose to leave as things began to unravel. While this man remained christian messianic in his thinking, he was a kind soul but now for his remaining years, he will be on "the list" of interesting parties.

    I am inclined to agree with others here...better dispose of them via a legal means to raise funds for the church. Keeps you in good standing within the law. I do know there are organizations that collect guns, melt them down, and make farm equipment for third world countries. Watched a special about the group about 5 years ago so they may or may not be around anymore.

  2. Just to give my opinion th title Doctor as in for a degree may be contested if the degree is from our Church and could be illegal in some areas to use if you state Rev.Dr. in your title on its own. Mostly outside the US from my research. But if you get the SPECIAL CHURCH TITLE Reverend Doctor since its a relious title sactioned ,akin to priest or rabbi, it would be allowed to be used before your name. Most countries can't dictate titles inside a church hierarchy it seems outside of very fundmentalist ones.

    Okay, TKolter...checked out your website about your new religion and find it honestly genuine...but can I spell check the site for you? One of the hallmarks of a valid scientific philosopher is the ability to present ideas in a rational (or fairly rational) scholarly manner. No scientist would take you seriously with so many errors.

  3. (vii) An official representative of a religious institution that is recognized under § 63-22-204;

    This reads as though it might be for what you are looking. There is a Christian Counselor correspondence program for which I receive notices in the mail occasionally I will see if I can find one of those mailings if you are interested.

  4. I work as a tattooist in a military town (Camp LeJeune, N.Carolina - U.S.M.C.) and I get to meet a lot of young guys. Most of which are bound for Iraq or Afghanistan. If it comes up, I try to ease their fear as best I can.

    You were in the Navy as a Corpsman? Just noted the Doc at the end of your profile name. I was a Marine Navy Corpsman...was at Camp Johnson there on Camp LeJeune for Field Medical Service School. You have a great opportunity to touch lives in a very unusual setting. What those young people need is our nonjudgmental support and a listening ear. I know that you are doing a great work.

  5. I became ordained to answer what I percieved as a need for a person who could stand with people in their spiritual search without being part of an organized religion. Organized rligion preaches being non-judgmentalism and love for the sinner but then proceeds to punishing the "sinner". e.g. Roman Catholics are to love homosexuals and yet, if homosexuality is admitted and that person is in seminary, he cannot be ordained.

    In my years as a Nurse I was able to help people and their families as they neared death. My Ministry is an added credential. I hope to be able to officiate at Funerals as well as Weddings and Baptisms. Thanks,

    Rev. Ursula

    Greetings, Ursula! I am a Professional Registered Nurse as well. Like you, I have often been in the position where the spiritual needs of the patient or their family far outwwighed the physical. Year ago I was ordained by an eclectic Ministerial Alliance in the Texas Bible Belt. The purpose was so that I could mee the needs of patients in my role as Parish/Congregational Nurse. I have since converted to Judaism but find my patients still have spiritual needs. Ordination through a nondenominational organization such as the ULC and UM only made sense. I have found my interaction with others through the ULC/UM has only opened my eyes and broadened my understanding. There are plenty of people out there who want someone to understand their personal religious beliefs without judgment...only compassion when they are at their greatest time of need. Through the ULC/UM, if I do not fit the bill for what they need, I am sure that I can find someone who is. Not everyone who comes to the hospital fall under the typical Texas/Bible Belt belief systems. Through the ULC/UM, I am truly able to "treat" the whole patient as a Registered Nurse. I hope to broaden the thinking of others as I continue my work.

  6. At first my wife and I were watching a movie and one of the characters said that he got ordained online. We were curious and tried it. Well we ended up getting ordained. I have always been a spiritual man. I am a man who believes in a lot. I find many religions and teachings interesting. Teachings from Wiccan to the teachings of the Buddha. I am currently a Christian. I believe in Salvation and redemption through my Lord Jesus Christ the Savior. However I never disregard other teachings. I am a very open minded person and love a good discussion (key word discussion not argument) on theology. I sorta feel that they are all different paths to the same destination. I believe that everyone should live their life for the search of enlightenment through whichever means you may find it. I was ordained 08/31/2008 and have recently felt the calling to take it seriously. I am in the Marine Corps and have already been to Iraq. While there I have met a lot of young Marines who claimed to be lost. As soon as I got back I have noticed the rise in suicides of the young brothers in arms. I wish to help them in any way I can. I hope to learn as much as I can on every practice out there in the world. I am currently studying Wiccan so if anyone can enlighten me then I’m all for it.

    God Bless and may peace be with you all

    Take it seriously they need you Both my sons are Marines and I was a Marine Navy Corpsman - Semper Fi

  7. When I took my ordination, back in the 80's, I'd already taken a practitioner certification in NLP, so I went around doing counseling, with my ordination instead of a counseling license. I had some good results from doing that, but it wasn't paying my way, and it wasn't leading to higher consciousness, so I returned to my mystical roots.

    Ten years later I became initiated in Santo Daime, an Amazonian mystery religion, and am now acting as the 'priest' for my region, here in St. Louis, using my ULC credential until we get organized enough in the USA to have our own ordinations.

    Out of curiosity, I went to your website then I looked up information about the drink that is used ritually in your rituals. I am glad that I did. As a healthcare professional, I need to know that the drink is mixed with an MAOI. If any of your members are admitted to a healthcare facility, I will know to be aware of special medicinal needs they may have since many foods and medications interact severely with MAOIs. I would be interested in working with you on formulating a an educational article for healthcare personnel about your beliefs. Would you be willing to help me?

  8. It makes no difference if you are begging on the street, conducting bake sales, rummage sales, auctions, any other fund raising operation, or simply accepting donations from your congregation. If you want your donors to be able to deduct their donations to you from their personal (and if you score big money from businesses) income taxes, then you want to incorporate and obtain a 501c exemption.

    In the case of a business donor you can be assured that they will not donate unless it is tax deductible.

    Be aware that you will have to keep VERY GOOD accounting books. Without it, you could risk losing your 501 3c status. In fact, the ULC-Modesto won a court case simply because they were able to show its books and its activities clearly to the court.

  9. Illst join simplicitys-brother

    and say whitch lifetime

    I remember things from age 2 years. However, your comment brings up an interesting question I would like to ask. I have considered regression therapy. Has anyone here ever experienced hynotic regression therapy and what was the experience like?

  10. Going back to the original question of this thread, I found the original court document stating ULC has the rights to grant Honorary D.D.


    Wow! By reading this, I learned so much more about the activities of ULC-Modesto and I am proud to be involved with the organization to promote understanding among religious beliefs. It appears that the Hensleys were honest people trying to do an honest work. Everyone should read this court document and understand the impact it has on our daily practice to "do that which is right." Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


  11. Does anyone know of any organizations that can hold Funeral services that are non-denomonational, and not affiliated with a particular religious organization? I do not want to have a Christian funeral in a Christian church, becasue I have severed my ties with that particular organized religious order many years ago. Here in the Bible Belt of the USA it seems this is the only way funerals are perfomed unless you are of one of the other big religious orders, such as Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Is there anything out there for a spiritualist who is not a member of a religious order? Hopefully I will not have to make a decision on this for many many years to come, but one never knows how long one has in this life, and I'd like to make preparations ahead of time, and state in my will what my choice of funeral service will be and arrange with whatever organization can perform it. I would also like to be cremated. I see no reason to take up real estate with my cold lifeless, soulless corpse. And I don't need relatives and frinds visiting my grave when I'm not really there to visit anyway.

    Any suggestions or leads are appreciated.



    Since you and I live in the DFW area, I will be more than happy to serve as your celebrant...seriously

    (We are also descended from Norsemen on my father's side of the family)

  12. I'm sure he can too. But this is not only for his protection, it is for the protection of the patients he comes in contact. As a healthcare worker it is not unreasonable to strongly consider it for the safety of those you care for.

    Yepper...as a professional Registered Nurse, I concur with this answer

    Since you do not attend a church (a being a specific church) and assuming you are ordained here by the ULC they would be hard pressed to not accept you signing as your own clergy as under 29 C.F.R. PART 1605, the USSC has upheld United States v. Seeger and Welsh v. United States which created the standard of "The fact that no religious group espouses such beliefs or the fact that the religious group to which the individual professes to belong may not accept such belief will not determine whether the belief is a religious belief of the employee or prospective employee."

    Excellent answer - - great case citations

  13. Asalaam Alaikum,

    Hehehe..No offense Mark, been a while since I have had the opportunity to be on the forums, but I hope to be back more regularlly in the near future. The Koran as it is, was revealed in parts as God deemed the Muslims needed such revelation for guidance. Therefore, to truly understand the texts of the Koran we must also look at what particualr situation or crisis the fledgling nation of Islam was facing at the time of the revelations.

    Something else that must be taken into consideration when looking at English translations is the actual root of certian Arabic words used that may have more than one meaning that may cause for misinterpertation. Many times during the past English translations of the Koran were translated by people whose primary language was not Arabic leading to some misinterpertations. Having said that, I myself must rely on these English translations as Arabic is not my primary language. It is important to find a good source or translation. Personally for my studies I look at several translations and examine each to see the varying perspectives of the translators.

    Unfortunately I have to keep this short, but I will attempt to answer some of the questions regarding this thread in the next day or so...


    Since you are a Muslim - - - or at least know the Koran - - - please post the Sura often called The Throne. If ever there was a favorite Sura of mine, that would be it. I so much would appreciate it, Abdullah!

  14. I became Ordained by the ULC because this was the church I knew very well in my younger age. 22 years ago my husband and I were married by a good friend and Reverend of the ULC. I have wondered to other churches of different religions and never felt I belonged their. My belief system was a bit different. I found my comfort here. Because no matter what faith you are, We Are One! I became Ordained to help others. Thanks for being hear, Rev. Julie

    Now, this is a cool story and I would like to hear more! So many wonder if the marriages they have performed will "stock." You story might be a word of encouragement.

  15. my guess,because that's the name kirby hensley gave the church when he started it.and his philosophy was anyone who wanted ordained should be,regardless of faith,belief,philosophy,or religion.if he were alive today,there are some things that would disappoint him(at best),but overall,i think he would be pleased.

    Yes, he name it Universal Life Church but I was wondering why someone has not thought of changing the "Church" word to something like "Congregations" in order for it to be all inclusive...that's all.

  16. Good day, everyone!

    I am brand new to the forums, and just received the "official" email stating that I have been recorded in the church records today. I must admit that I have never in a million years had ever thought that I would actually become ordained. Frankly, I am Jewish (I refer to it as "by pride and not faith," meaning that I am proud of my heritage but I am essentially agnostic in belief).....


    Shalom, Stephen...nice to meet you


  17. So who is God to me? What is my faith?

    My faith is COSMOS. ....

    So in closing, the Universal Church of COSMOS is just that- in celebration of the universal creations God has made. For us and for others. We have no special books of scripture, because the Holy Bible, new and old testaments, is sufficent. There is one God. One Jesus. One Holy Ghost. They are all one but they are all still the same. The Father, the Son and the Spirit.

    You may loose your religion. I have. But I never lost God, and He has never lost me.

    Maybe another day I will write more on this. I certainly look forward to it.


    Rev. C. Kem

    Funny how this poster changes Universal LIfe "Church" to "Cosmos." Being of the Hebrew faith, I have wondered why it is Universal Life Church and not now Universal Life Congregations.

  18. I am a card carrying Jewess by choice with an interesting long walk to get to this point (like so many of us). - - - - I was raised as an ordained minister's daughter in a very well known pentecostal denomination but I was never really comfortable as I grew in my teen years. I was always getting in trouble for raising interesting questions like why Sunday instead of the 7th day for worship? Why easter and not Passover? I had a profound curiosity and would figure out ways to attend other churches and other faiths' worship. Once I left my father's home and married a lutheran, I free to explore things more seriously. My then husband and I continued to raise our children as lutherans but, while he was in the Navy and I was home with two little boys, I began an intense Bible study through the denom in which I was raised. There were many things I could not personally reconcile between what I was taught and what Scripture said. I kept coming back to the physical life of "Jesus." Oddly, it was a NT verse that turn my life upside down and into the right direction as I perceived it. The writer, in referring to "Jesus," wrote, "He was an example and we are to walk in his steps." (1 Peter 2:21) MMMmmmmm...that short sentence denotes a physical action and it caused me to look at the typical life of a Jew. I began studying any books about Judaism that I could get my hands on.

    Gradually, I began incorporating Jewish practice into my life. First came candlelighting on Friday nights. I did not know the blessings but my heart was to set the day apart from the rest of the week. We still worshipped on the first day of the week but I truly worked to center the 7th around family and rest...a practice my sons have continued in their own homes now. Our lutheran church held a Passover seder and I attended...from then on I kept Passover every year to the best of my ability. - - - While the boys were still small, I was divorced. Because of my divorced state, my childhood denom would not allow my full participation in activities even though I completed training as a Sunday School superintendent. I was crushed because I needed to exercise Faith more than ever. I tried out different first day worshipping churches but my soul longed for more. When the boys were teens, I graduated from Nursing school and moved 450 miles from my hometown. I found a congregation of the denom I had been attending at home...but something just didn't seem to fit though I could not put my finger on it. Through a friend, I began attending the SDA church. Honestly, I felt so at ease the moment I walked in the door on a 7th day morning. I remained there enjoying myself. Then was invited to be a deaconess at one of the smaller congregations. By this time, I had incorporated observance of Shavuot and Tabernacles as much as I understood the Jewish calendar. - - - Things were ok until the preacher began saying some really bad things about Jews from the pulpit! I was appalled...and no one in the congregation except a few would stand with me on addressing the impropriety and utter hate that spewed...I warned not to curse Abraham's descendents. - - - One afternoon, while driving and contemplating where to go, I saw a little grey house on which there was a white Star of David in this little town! I was shocked! The closest Reform or Conservative Jewish congregation was over 50 miles. Turned out the congregation was what may be termed "messianic" but they were a lot different than mainstream messianics. So I left the SDA and went there. Oddly (or not so oddly) other families followed me there from the SDA...families with names like Zimmerman, Wineman, Painter, and Kohn. - - - While there, I did some Parish/Congregational Nursing and was "ordained" by a local community body so that I could meet the spiritual needs of others. I also began having some health issues...and doctors asked if I was middle eastern...no, just Texan, I replied. Strangely, while traveling the US, I was often asked if I was Egyptian or Near Eastern. Ok, that was enough to get DNA testing and...I matched Mizrachi and Sefardic Jews in Spain, Northern Morocco, Iran, Iraq. One person I matched even lived on our East Coast...and she had converted to Judaism 20 years prior when she was marrying a Jew. - - - Is there truth to the prophecy that Israel who was scattered would be regathered? I lost sleep contemplating the events that had occurred in my life over years. - - - - After the initial shock, I began investigating more about my family. Indeed, my father's family were primarily Scots and Native Americans. But my mother's family was different. I found out that we were called Black Dutch and Black Irish...going back, I found a treasure drove of Hebrew names...even found that a direct ancestor named Israel had traveled to Surinam and Barbados to help Lord Willoughby establish trade routes. The evidence was breathtaking! - - - - - I moved from the small town to Dallas Texas to take my place in the larger active Jewish community. I was offered the chance to affiliate with the community through a Certificate of Return ( Soloveitchik) but I decided to go Jewish full conversion so there is no doubt in anyone's mind. - - -I am here at the ULC because I of my desire to continue my work in doing funerals for those who have no one. In Orthodox or Traditional Judaism, women are not ordained as rabbis...and I prefer not to be a Rabbi; however, some of the cemetaries require "ordination." I prefer to be called a "Morit" which means "teacher." The ULC allows me the opportunity to act as a Daughter of Avraham and tend to the needs of Avraham's descendents. I do not wear a tallit (fringes)...I simply cover my head and go about the work to be done. - - - and that is why I am here.