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My name is Qumran Taj but most people call me "Q" - Qumran is waaay too hard to remember!

I am a true-to-life Wizard - not the Harry Potter sort, the REAL sort. It is who I am and it is my lifestyle. I couldn't imagine NOT being one.

How to describe oneself in a few sentences? Well, life fascinates me. PEOPLE fascinate me. Magick fascinates me (yeah, I guess I'm easily fascinated!... lol ) I love all types of music, I write, I play bass guitar, I paint and draw. Iown my own business called... can you guess?.... WIZARDS. It is located on Long island, NY and it is the love of my life. If you like visit it online at It is the coolest place imagineable. of course, I'm just a tad biased!

I will update this section soon but I wanted to jot down a few notes to get started on this forum.