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  1. Thanks, I'm always extra cautious when it comes to legal wording.
  2. I've loved "Cows with Guns" for years, amazing song
  3. I'm currently reading 3 books...well I just finished one. I just finished "Steal This Filesharing Book" which was a great read, sadly most of it I was already aware of, so I didn't learn much. I'm in the process of reading OpenOffice for dummies to help familiarize myself with OpenOffice. I also just switched over to Linux so I have a book (who's title I can't remember) on running Linux
  4. My concern is more on the wording related to the minister of the gospel, that could very well limit ministers of certain religions, I was hoping I could find someone who has performed a ceremony in SC and has experience with this.
  5. I find this a bit confusing "Ministers of the gospel who are authorized to administer oaths in this state may perform marriages", Technically I fall under minister of the gospel, so am I good to go as far as performing marriages, or would I need to register with the state?
  6. My initial reasons were not noble, I wanted to have the title of reverend when a friend told me about the ULC, over the years I've become more interested in exactly what responsibilities come with the title.