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  1. Orion - I posted a new topic "Troy to Moses" you may find interesting on Asatru Folk and the origins of Odhinn.

    I'm glad to see in your comment you have chosen and eclectic path, a varied one, such as I. I have found it to be most inspiring and enlightening over the past 30+ years of study in Nordic/Germanic philosophy.

    Blessings of Peace,

  2. I have spent considerable time today going over your comments/responses to the many topics under which you have chosen to respond.

    As I responded in your topic, I sincerely hope you decide to stay here on the ULC forum. There are few enough Members that offer valid and concise opinions on matters of the psycho-religio areas of study. Yours being among the very few that I can mostly a...

  3. I do apologize for being over a year late in responding to your inquiry Rev. Mitch. I have no "good" excuse, other than complete oversight and completely forgetting about my posting this topic.

    If you are still around, yes, by all means keep a copy. I am thrilled someone even read it!

    Blessings of Peace,

  4. st1,

    Thanks for your insightful comment to my posting. You are definitely in sync with the thoughts many of us have about our Spiritual Health and Physical well being. Sage thinking!

    Being that I too seek Spirituality in a different, esoteric manner, the world spins just a bit diff for us.

    BTW, welcome to the forums!

  5. inutes to dwnload the whole thing with concordance and search stuff, way worth the FREE price!

    Take care,


  6. Fawzo...your topic on "eternal punishment" has created a new area of research for me! Anyway, while conducting my inquiries..I have told you about (or do you know) about "E-Sword", which is a complete and varied version of the bible in download? Fantastic research tool. "God's Mercy" came up with over 100 verses. If yur interested, go there, takes 10 m...

  7. Cosmo,

    Sorry I haven't answered you sooner...been out of touch for for the picture, I've tried everything to download it to no avail. If you can click and copy it from my profile go for it.

    As to "where" I got it, it's been so long it could have been one of the following:

    I have tho...

  8. Cosmo,

    Love the ink! It is a personal "custom" design or? any significance? curious as I have been a tattoo artist for 30+ years...



  9. Thank you for your comment and I the same about you. It is not often we come across an elder mind in a youthful physical being. Blessings of Greatness!

  10. Aloha Sky, how wonderful to hear of 'huna' once again. My wife and I lived Maui for 8 years and met several kahuna. Our medicine stone and conch, given to us by Kahuna, are our most treasured gifts of all times. I hope to get to discuss things with you sometime.