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  1. Just to be able to offer alternative life style ceremonies to folks. Not many within the established realms of clergy have a clue what a "Handfast" is or how to conduct a Pagan House Blessings. Marriages have been a few over the years as I'm selective about the "who" since I don't charge for my main goal is to help those who otherwise have no alternatives through regular lines of clergy. So far it has been a real eye opener into the outer realms of humanity and I very much like it.

  2. There's a lot of Members in risk of deletion then, some haven't posted for years and are still on the roll-call. I've never seen such low response here at dot-net, ever, as over this last year. Shameful on one hand but the huddled masses MUST have their Farcebook time along with their friends. Too bad that, forums use to be a great exchange and way to discuss at leisure.

    As far as this article goes, yeah, I have to agree ... I'm pretty sure it was the CPR and IV that worked here and not the prayers, unless of course you consider the prayer being for "save his life" and the actions of EMT being that "save". That's a long shot though and not specific enough to pass the litmus test.

    Blessings of Peace,

  3. Quote

    Pastor Dave said:    I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Nor am I trying to prove anything other than these kinds of things are out there for those willing to receive them. If you don't believe in angels that's fine for you.

    Providing insightful information is great and let each of us decide if it "convinces" us or not. I've watched hundreds of "proof docu-dramas and supposedly scientific evidence of which the line certainly get blurred. While I believe in the possibility of angels, demons, demi-gods, super humans, ghosts among many other phenomena, as well as cases of being brought back to life...I still don't have the absolute, 100% proof I need for true BELIEF.

    Thanks for the links, interesting to say the least... and it was great to leave it up to others to choose what they wish with the info.

    Blessings of Peace,

  4. ...but...but...Casper was friendly...Jason, Steve and Tango seem like credible sorts and the other guys over at G.A., Zak, Aaron, Billy and in the past Nick did a bang up job of providing some great video evidence!

    It's all very interesting to say the least and like our good buddy Fox Moulder over at the FBI says: "I want to believe". Is there 100%, absolutely indisputable evidence of the afterlife? In a word, "No!" A lot of compelling, dramatic and enticing video coverage that seems to make the case but then again one could almost lay in the grass on Pandora with the excellent 3D effects in Avatar™.

    I think perhaps that knowing, 100%, for sure, without any doubt, there is in fact an afterlife is one of the things humanity just might not be ready to know. We know already how purposeful, well intention, good things get corrupted when mankind gets a hold of it.

    And besides, if we knew for certain there was an afterlife...wouldn't that blow the whole concept of "salvation" out the window?

    Blessings Be,

  5. On 1/24/2016 at 3:55 PM, scottedward said:

    Often education is cited as key to battle religious intolerance, but how effective is that if those lessons aren't placed into practice?

    Good point. I know people that refuse to read anything but publications produced by or endorsed by their religious synod. From home schooling curriculum to world news, periodicals and magazines to weekly supermarket ads. This is one method by which the intolerance grows to such egregious levels. In some cases even if an outright lie (i.e.; gay is a choice, marijuana leads to heroin 100% of the time, all Islam supports terrorism etc etc) is endorsed as "truth" by their synod, they will emphatically hold that as absolute truth.

    Trying to dispel or change those type of lies only leads to argument and slanderous innuendo. Even in the rare case the leadership acknowledges a misspoken line or retracts a previous statement it is often dismissed with little more than a sheepish grin. Even more rare is an apology given to those harmed by the earlier statement or actual accounting for the official stance ignorance.

    Education is indeed the key to many things but how can it help subvert intolerance when the educational material is flawed? I mean in some cases (a World™ magazine article on public schooling) I might as well have read that Columbus discovered the moon and was a gay Muslim! :rofl:  But seriously though, when it's impossible to get truth in the education then intolerance, ignorance and manipulated morality follows.

    Blessings Be,

  6. On 9/25/2015 at 0:41 PM, thebeautifulpromise said:

    Also, I've realized that just because I believe in the immaculate birth of, life, teachings, healings, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ doesn't mean I have to be Christian.

    I think right now I should just do some studying into Judaism. Because, honestly, I've more experience with Wicca than anything and I have quite a few positive tools that I've learned from Christianity. Perhaps I should just study these and remain as I am?

    Bingo! Yahtzee! and Uno!

    The Christ, Mohamed and the Buddha all had amazing messages whether one believes they lived or not, are simply mythological figures or were exactly who the scriptures say they were. This is why I have to give a :thumbu: to what Hermano Luis said about remaining who we are.

    While I am most dedicated to and experienced in my pagan priesthood of a Runic Vitki (also a very controversial title within Ásatrú) and practice the Old Ways of Odhinism, I've gained a lot of positive wisdom from these other prophets and "redeemer". It's not the personal messages and beliefs of these figures that have caused all the hardships and wars in this world, rather, the stance of those who have come long after and used their messages for personal gain and collective power trips.

    Killing others because they don't believe the same goes against every one of these messengers vital, living testaments. Love your enemies, forgive those who sin against you and embrace the good in our fellow humans. If we be the best we can be without a label people say "S/He is a good person". We shouldn't have to endure "Good Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, just Good Person should suffice.

    Indeed, remain who you are Promise, and if we all do the same without judgment of others there can be a world of Good People living in Peace and Harmony.

    Blessings of Peace,

  7. One thing many people fail to add into the mix when citing Biblical or other ancient Scripture is the differences in society. "Freedom of Speech" is a relatively new process guaranteed to only a part of the world even today. Cryptic and hidden messages were in nearly every work of writing in the Apostle's times, unless coming from the top leadership down, then it was pretty straight forward YES Pete, agree fully Revelation written during times of persecution, and worst, if all taken into account..

    In the early centuries CE most societies had a form of writing or poetry that disguised the author's intentions. During the times of Nostradamus and Shakespeare (two notorious rebels of their day) when their works are put into context of date and language, scathing to say the least. I can't help but think the same about Revelation.

    Blessings of Peace,

    (PS: Being in cryptic mode... I do not like not having the font choice when posting. I simply can't think in Arial! But then I am certain the peasantry did somehow pisseth off the guard, thus perpetuating their own limit of choices. Stoopid peasants. All hail the king! :(:rofl: )

  8. I for one hope Coolhand does get back to us on what his findings are in Revelation. I have read several other books on the subject and one thing is for sure...everyone studying it comes away with a different take. I'm one of those that likes to pile all the different takes together, shake 'em up and see what comes out in the pile.

    I have to agree with Cool on part, so far I don't think anyone has figured out what Revelation is really saying...past, present or future...

    Best of study prowess to ya Coolhand, please let us know what you discover!

    Blessings of Peace,

  9. How old do you think the brides in the bible were, Obededom? I bet some of them were under 18...just saying. And slavery? That was good to go in the bible too, wasn't it? If man cannot form a basis for morality because he is sinful, then he cannot determine right from wrong. He cannot determine whether the bible was INSPIRED by God, or the Devil, or just made up by some people, now can he? Because he isn't capable of determining, right? That was what you wrote, yes?

    Even in contemporary times we have fringe elements that think 10 yr old brides are "perfect" for marriage. Some of these cults that have been shut down like the bigamist group in...was it Texas? Ariz?... last year or one before. The pre-teen girls were interviewed and saying the "Father was to be my husband." Whoa sort sick twist even in describing it by these gals.

    Sickness of the mind is everywhere and can effect anybody of any Belief or Faith. It's sick by most people's standards to force a adolescent child into sexual relations, so if it's repulsing to humans it must be repulsing to "God" right? No - we don't have a clue what "repulses" the Supreme, if it does in fact exist.

    It would appear to me that this thread's focus has been pulled away from the women who were beheaded.

    Yes, this happens a lot in nearly every topic. Since this topic was posted in June - let's see associated news:

    1. IS executes 3,500 in Syria since declaring 'caliphate': monitor AFP
    2. US soldiers in Syria to back anti-IS Kurds: Kurdish sources AFP
    3. France, Russia raids on Syria kill 33 IS jihadists AFP
    4. At least 100 fighters killed in Syria during storming of besieged airbase: monitor Reuters
    5. U.S.-backed Syrian alliance seizes town near Iraqi border Reuters a mere 5 months later people are pulling "pranks" about beheading:

    PRANKS of beheading!?!? are you kidding me?? So who's sicker the brainwashed jihadist of ISIS or the idiot Mini workers who felt "Team Building" meant posing for videos doing their version of mock beheading?

    Intolerance is the issue here whether it's beheading, adolescent marriage, jihad, missionary work or any form of forcible indoctrination.

    Though I am a devout Odhinnist I do not feel "everyone" should be an Odhinnist. It's an ethnic and cultural thing belonging to Scandinavians. Even so, only those who desire to follow the path should pursue it. Same goes for any other form of worship...those seeking it will find it. Therefore there is zero need to force others into believing one thing or another. Let each truth stand on it's own and gather its own following, eh?

    Witches pretty much keep to themselves and bother few others so IS is just flat wrong if they think their "Allah" condones what they did. Fortunately there is few IS out of the billion or so members of Islam. Most Muslims are just as sickened by IS's actions as the rest of us are so it's NOT a religious thing per sé, it's a warped ideology thing.

    Let's all give call, pray, send energy (whatever we each do) that this sort of intolerance ceases to make headlines and vanishes from the human activity book, eh?

    Blessings of Peace,

  10. Whether we celebrate this day for historical, patriotic or personal beliefs, let us do so in Peace. Remember what family is all about as you sit around your feast....even if it's just a chicken sammich! Celebrate the good things of friends and family and let the negatives least for today! (Neg's are what the credit card bill after Christmas is all about! roflmao.gif )

    Blessings of Peace, Family and Harmony,

  11. While most of us are convinced that "Leif Landed First"!...unfortunately modern academia still gives the honor to Christopher.

    Interestingly enough the Viking did have an equivalent to "All Hallows Eve", "Samhain" but more as a "Make things right" day...the Althing or lawful court was generally held annually after harvest while everyone was together in the first place. I've seen ancient texts where the Althing was used for everything from praise and filing complaints to divorce and property disputes and/or just about anything else that required the clan to settle the issue to the satisfaction of all concerned.

    One of the large books I saw in Gambla Uppsala, Sweden, had the trivial matter of naming a baby at the core of the issue, it was resolved by the chieftain naming the infant after the baby's father. Depending on the century and location in Scandinavia the Althing was headed by the "Law Giver", like a judge appointed by the chieftain or king of a clan/village or the "king" himself.

    So after 1500-2000 years of added rituals, events and meaning, its no wonder the "Holiday season" starts off with evil pumpkins and ends with a very large jolly man in pajamas that has an affection for forest critters. Except, of course, for the many of those believers who choose the birth of a savior route and the actual events surrounding the origins of their faith. I always heard December was about Christ's birth, yet growing up all the attention was on socializing and looking good for the prominent socialites...more of a Social Clause then anything Holy. But I know there are a few whom take the season and reason seriously.

    Blessings of Peace,

  12. I honestly don't know how or why I am experiencing the feelings I am at present. I went through a bit of a depression after my Dad passed in '08 and yet now that Mom is gone it is a mix of relief, loss, sadness, elation, grief and joy...a very strange mix for sure.

    It was evident at Mom's Memorial last Friday that she, and my Dad, had many, many friends who genuinely cherished the times they spent together. Regardless of one's Beliefs, that is a good thing. What I found a bit disturbing was the focus on things never shared within our family but routinely expressed to those outside the family unit.

    My sister, bless her heart, was Mom's main care giver for the last month of her life after coming home from 3 months at "Hell-yond" convalescent home. We can't express strongly enough to anyone faced with the decision: Take your loved one HOME!!!

    If you think it will be difficult to care for them, live with the guilt of leaving them routinely uncared for, poorly groomed, given terrible food, given the wrong medications and being smiled at while the "nurses" mumble horrific nuances under their breath. In hind sight it was horrifying to think people can treat our elderly so poorly and with such lack of compassion. Nursing homes are just one more very broken thing in this 'wonderful' country of ours. Why?

    In summary, I'm thankful that my parents were appreciated and loved by many good friends. I'm happy they both got the send off they desired through their Beliefs and even those not believing the same way were able to have a final "goodbye". Many of you have already gone through this emotional experience, others still have to face it. I join with those who told me to "enjoy your friends and family while they are here" and I'll pass that on to those to whom it applies.

    Thanks for your well wishes and prayers, our family appreciates it.

    Blessings of Peace,


  13. So sorry to have missed this post until now. (Been a bit distracted with our own family's loss)

    Of course your father in law will be added to our list of prayers and energies for those in need. It is never an easy thing to accept no matter how unexpected or in some cases expected. It is one of those inevitable processes in the cycle of Life. We know your family will revel in the joy of your beliefs though it never makes the loss any easier for the survivors.

    Many Blessings of Peace and Healing to you and yours.