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  1. Greetings, everyone!


    It's been a long road, but I'm heart, my soul and my spirit finally in the right place.


    I thank God for His patience while I found my way back.


    I have re-dedicated my life to serving the Lord and will eternally remain His servant.


    I'd like to offer the services of my Ministry, The Cup, Cat and Cauldron to anyone in need.


    I offer daily incense burning and prayers for any need...never any charge.


    My Ministry is run solely by the Grace of God and He provides all my needs. I have little need for money, past basic survival .


    Please feel free to contact me, anytime at


    I take my duty to the Lord, very seriously, so I'm "on call," 365.


    Many blessings to everyone!



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  2. Greetings, all...

    It's been a really long while since I've come by for a visit or chat, but I have updated my profile and have made some major changes in my life.

    The day before Thanksgiving, I lost my light, my world and my Familiar, Wah Lum Princess Little Tail.

    She was everything to me and I had no clue just how much her death would affect me.

    My husband and son took me out for Thanksgiving lunch but I didn't feel as if I had much to be thankful for. My baby was eight years old, and her illness came on suddenly and caused her demise just as quickly.

    Maybe that was for the better, that I lose her quickly, rather than her languish and suffer...but being a selfish human, I was nowhere near ready (I don't think I would have ever been) to let her go.

    I am coping better and the kindness people have shown me has been unbelievable and touching...from the old man at the flea market who - when I paused...just paused - to look at a small cat statue, told me to put it in my bag and take it home to the friend of my husband's who, when he visited his pawn shop and saw a cat ring and remarked how much it looked "like my wife's favorite cat that she just lost" he picked it up, handed it to hubs and told him to bring it to me.

    The people who have offered loving words, the has all been overwhelming and looking back now, I realize that the things I once thought were so important, in the grand scheme of things, mean absolutely nothing.

    With that said, I have changed my life path. I have put my writing on the back burner (I am still writing, have a book due out in January, book 2 of my Vampire series, but it no longer rules my life as it once did) and have thrown myself completely into my Country Folk Witchery, starting an Etsy shop and even a magazine for the pursuit of more simpler and primitive ways of life.

    It's just a shame that it took me losing my baby to make this change, but she is with me every step of the way, I'll be planting a memorial garden for her, come spring and I plan to live as simply, stress free and as happily from now possible.


  3. I've dealt with a few people who wish to make light of my ordination.... they usually bow out of the ensuing conversation ... I WILL use the opportunity to educate a heckler in a few basic facts... some folks will come back to me at a later time to ask a few more questions.... ( these are local folks that i see on a regular basis, not referring to the ignorant folks with social tourette's - those i smile at and ignore.... )

    That's great Brother Michael...that's the best way to deal with them. ;)

  4. (Not reading all the posts so some of this may be repeated, but with different wording...) Yes, it is for life. So is Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc., etc.... What is their point?

    This one differs because the only stated tenet of the ULC is 'Do only that which is right..' and only that person can determine what is right and wrong for their beliefs. Therefore, there are no provisions to revoke an ordination (such as defrock'n a priest.) However, as has been stated, you can denounce your ordination, just like Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc., etc....

    The forum is not the governing body of the ULC.

    Thanks for the input, Mdtaylor. They just wanted to act like a cretin, got their stupidity thrown in their face due to what I told them and while I know they were making fun of me, after I set them straight, they've not spoken to me since.

    Not that I'm complaining. I prefer to surround myself with people of intelligence...not attention-seeking morons.

    So, as I said, I like to be armed with knowledge and info - and I was - and thanks to the "back-up" from everyone who posted that my info was right, they "lost" (so to speak) and now have waddled off with their tail between their legs - which serves them right.

    Who are they to judge?

    Anyway, thanks again!

  5. So far, I have only gotten a negative response to my ordination once. I was at a sale picking up some supplies, and I got talking to one of the people running the sale. I mentioned doing a wedding, and he, being a retired minister himself, asked what church I belonged to. I responded that I was not employed by a local church, and that my ordination was from one that would probably be best described as a universalist church (which was the safest answer, as I live in the bible belt and most people aren't too comfortable with my kind) and he went "Oh, I figured it was one of those..." Of course, around here, I feel that the source of ordination isn't as shocking as the fact that females can get one. I have gotten looks and heard comments at weddings in the past, by older relatives who were shocked to see a female officiant.

    While I have not yet encountered much discrimination due to the source of my ordination, I am working on taking the steps to circumvent too much of it. A few associates and I are working on fund raising and saving, in hopes to acquire a permanent space to set up a church, other than a private home. Who knows, maybe that will make me seem more credible.

    Aina...there is nothing wrong with that.

    I have my own ministry (and that includes doing weddings) that gives faith counseling and religious crisis counseling, but as for having a place to do it out of?

    No...I just do it online, so those who wish to be cretins will say it's not an "official" ministry.

    Oh but if we took the charlatan route, that would give them even more ammo.

    I have come to the conclusion that people will believe what they will and they can deal or not.

    I'm not concerned either way.

    My ordination is real, luckily for me, Florida has some of the most lax marriage laws in America and I am happy and proud to be ordained by the U.L.C.

    Whether or not people choose to believe is up to them, but they have no power over me, nor can they do anything to stop me helping others.

  6. Hi Goth,

    My dear next door neighbor is a retired Presbyterian minister. He holds several degrees including a divinity degree from Princeton. He is very kind and polite, and my good friend, but his eyes kind of cross every time I tell him I am going to perform a marriage.

    I have gotten so many questions about whether or not I am a "real" minister, I created and filed an ecclesiastical corporation here in Michigan (with 2 other people, my wife and a friend; in Michigan it takes 3 people to start an ecclesiatical corporation. It only takes 1 person to start a business entity here.) We signed a 1 page document naming me a minister of the corporation.

    So now I have a verifiable paper trail, proving my credentials, if I ever need it, in addition to what I originally received from the ULC. That reassures anyone who might hesitate to ask me to marry them because they are unsure of the law.

    That's brilliant, Carl! Congrats and good luck!

    Dear Goth, to answer your question head-on,

    your ordination is forever.

    BTW, NICE CAT! :thumbu:

    Thanks Hex! ;)

    I remember reading somewhere is my stacks of ULC materials, that the HQ has revoked ordinations before for the reasons previously mentioned as well as if you used your ordination to commit a crime. It's important to note, that most (but not all) "mainstream" chirstian faiths ordain for life.

    Which makes sense, Dorian, but people can be so petty, I just like to be armed with as much irrefutable info as possible to quiet the naysayers.

    Being well-informed is one of the most powerful tools you can have. ;)

    I grew up in "mainstream" church...a hellfire, brimstone and damnation Southern Baptist church (which is why I'm not one now) and it was ridiculous the pettiness that went on between the higher-ups in the church "tier."

    So though their ordination may be for life as well, you'd think not, the way egos swelled and fur flew at their meetings.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    These answers are fabulous and yes Murph...I was being picked on - which just shows what I was dealing with mentality-wise, from this jerk.

    What upset the nasty cretin worse than anything was the fact that rather than get angry and grasp at straws like he did in confronting me, I coolly answered his questions with irrefutable facts...ordination is for life (I'd NEVER ask mine to be revoked and didn't get it fraudulently) so l-i-f-e and if people can't deal, that's their problem.

    Pope...thank you for the quote! I appreciate it and will remember it because you are absolutely right.

    Everyone else that I didn't mention by name, I appreciate your input as well and thank you all for your thoughts on how (or not ;)) to deal with cretins who have inferiority complexes.

  8. I sure don't. I have known attorney's to be wrong. In my younger days I believed attorney's to be gods of the law, but over the years I have come to know that they are taught general knowledge of the law, researching case law, and legal interpretations. They study very few specific laws and therefore must research almost every case brought before them, even if they specialize in a given area.

    I have been in a particular business for over 25 years and have yet to find a local attorney that knows more than me about the specific laws of my industry. In the few cases that I have been involved in over the years the best tool my attorney had to prepare our case was me. AND, one very specific instance stands out where we settled a case (where we were the plaintiff) when we should have taken the case to court because both the attorney and I failed to realize a point of law that would have made our case.

    So, I never rely solely on the opinion of an attorney....

    MdTaylor...if I said I was surprised by this, I'd be lying.

    A little off subject, but still sort of encompassing...

    In October 2009, I was rear-ended - while sitting completely stopped at a red light no less - by someone on a cell phone.

    The man was ticketed, clearly in the wrong and yet my attorney doesn't want to fight in court to make the man's auto insurance pay to fix my car.

    I did convince him finally (I think the threat of being fired from the case and my nasty insistence helped him make the right decision) to take the insurance company to court but it was grudgingly on his part.

    Why did he behave this way? My opinion? He doesn't have the guts to fight and didn't want to put forth the effort because apparently he doesn't know what he's doing...even though the case is ironclad in my favor.

    So, as I said...what you say about attorneys does not surprise me one bit - even as sad and frightening as it is.

    More information:Note that this church, headed by Andre Hensley is active, and has been active and flourishing since Kirby Hensley founded it in 1962.

    Rev. Jerry - thank you for this information. This is always handy to have for reference in case need be.


  9. Oh, I always choose to listen to my attorney, too. I just have not yet spoken with him about this. This appears to be a case of the law in FL is different than in TN and that makes all the difference in terms of who to ask for the legal status. Now that I have the handbook from the Univ of TN law school, I am not as worried about it as I was. It will be a while before I am prepared enough to offer services such as weddings, in any case -- plenty of time to check with local counsel on the legal ins-and-outs.

    THANK YOU, again, for your participation in this discussion. I do appreciate your suggestion, even though I am not following it at this time.


    Good luck to you, Pope! I wish you the best.

    I have to be honest though and say how surprised I am at how contrary the state of Tennessee seems to be.

    I would have expected to have this kind of trouble in Florida...but would never have guessed that the state of TN could be such a hassle to deal with.

    Hence...why I wish you much luck and will look forward to seeing the post that you've resolved everything and are ready to go.


  10. I hope I have this in the right thread...

    Just because I like to have all angles covered (read: deal with people who like to poke fun of ULC ordained members) I'm curious about this now too.

    I know that ordination is for life. Says so in all the information I've read and even on the back of my clergy card that I carry in my purse.

    But someone who thinks it's funny to poke fun at my ordination (and refuses to believe it's real) asked me some (in my opinion) insulting questions and I answered as best I could but now I'm curious as to how others have handled boors such as this person.

    The first question was about ordination and if it really was for life.

    I explained that it is, as is stated very clearly in everything I've read.

    The next question was..."Yeah, but are you certain it can't be taken away from you?"

    I once again explained that ordination is for life and that I had seen nothing anywhere, not even on the forum information listings, that stated otherwise.

    Their answer was, "Yeah, okay, so they have a forum too? What if you make someone mad on the forum?"

    My answer was, "You'd probably get banned, just like any other forum if you're obnoxious and a hindrance to thought-provoking discussion, rather than a useful contributor."

    To that, their retort was, "Yeah, but if you get banned on the forum, apparently you've made someone really mad. So can they convince the powers that be to take away your ordination?"

    I answered that being thin-skinned and "pitching a temper tantrum" was something that mainstream churches do in pulling power trips and that the ULC is far above that kind of juvenile childishness.

    I once again reiterated that nothing on the site lists anything that can have your ordination taken away.

    I think I held my own (being so new to everything - yes I was ordained in 2009 but have done nothing with it until now so I'm still learning the ropes so-to-speak) but has anyone else encountered such questions and if so, how did you handle them or boorish people similar to the one I had the misfortune of encountering?

    I like to draw from real-life experiences (especially if they help quiet naysayers) so I'll be interested in hearing what others have to say.

  11. County Clerks do not determine what is and isnt legal, they just repeat the law verbatim as written and ensure forms are filed and filled out correctly. They are a clerk not a legal professional unless granted additional powers by the governing legislative bodies.

    Dorian...I didn't mean to imply that Clerks have the power to determine what's legal, I'm just repeating what my legal counsel told me.

    Pope is welcome to do whatever he wishes. I choose to listen to my legal counsel.

  12. Oh, I will talk with them if I must. My theory is that they have no right to answer that question as they are not supposed to be the ones deciding who gets to solemnize weddings and who does not. Unless they are lawyers, they are not allowed to answer legal questions anyway, as that is the unauthorized practice of law and you can be arrested for that. No, if my question was about how to fill out a form, I would ask the County Clerk's office; it is about whether I can do something, and they do not get to answer that.

    IN FACT (he shouts with glee), I heard back from Kevin and he gave me links to stuff.

    The best one (and the most relevant for this discussion) is Basics of Marriage handbook , which leads to a Basics of Marriage in Tennessee handbook prepared by the University of TN Law School. It pulls together several AG's opinions and the changes in marriage laws up to that point and, for me at least, made it all make sense.

    So, I now know that the AG said the Clerk has neither the authority nor the duty to judge whether an officiant was qualified to solemnize a wedding -- and that the weddings done by ministers who failed to live up to his interpretation of the law would most likely still be upheld in court if either party believed they were valid at the time and acted like they were married afterward.

    I am still going to check with my attorney just to find out if there have been any changes since this handbook came out in 2006 (and to assess the likelihood of there being a lawsuit against a ULC Minister if a disappointed heir or a disgruntled spouse wanted to void the marriage, as there still does not appear to be a court case or a nice clear law that says every religion is to be treated equally in TN just like the US Constitution states).

    Kevin did say that there was no lawsuit by the ULC against TN because you can not sue over an opinion, only over acts (taken or threatened). If some state official takes or threatens to take an action based on the AG's opinion that got this discussion started, then there can be a suit -- but not until then. I just do not want to be the test case (:rolleyes:).

    In any case, thank you for your suggestion. I will probably speak with the Clerk's office at some point, especially if I still have any doubts after I speak with my attorney. What did your Clerk say when you spoke with her?

    It sounds like you're making things a lot harder on yourself than you need to. I wasn't thrilled about having to deal with my local Clerk's office either (because they are morons) but it was a necessary evil.

    The County Clerk's office is not just for finding out how to fill out forms. They are an extension of the state in which you live (makes them fall under the umbrella of state/federal) and though they aren't lawyers, they work for the state and therefore have to know the law - to a certain extent - because they can't have people filling out paperwork incorrectly.

    That would invalidate any paperwork they file that goes under the Clerk of The Court umbrella.

    I'm not an attorney myself so being as I know little about the law, a friend of mine with a law degree volunteered to call for me (in case they decided to read legalese forms which people will do when they have no clue what they are talking about) and she told me that my local Clerk had not only heard of the ULC, she said that I was 100% legal in all respects and that all I had to do was sign where necessary and file the marriage license for the couple.

    Florida has very lax marriage laws and for all the bad we have here government-wise, I am grateful for that much.

  13. Here is a simple way to find out whether or not you're legal and then even if you do only have a weddings ministry, it won't matter. Trust me on this and save yourself some headaches.

    Simply call the clerk of the circuit court for the county in which you live.

    I live in Florida (insert groan here) which for all the tourists and Disney junkola we have, white sandy beaches, blah, blah, blah is one of the most backward and redneck, white trash states in the union. Oh and before you ask why I live here...I'm a before Disney and before it became what it is now. Florida wasn't always like this...

    Anyway...with that said, we are like 30 years behind everyone, smoking laws, name it.

    So, my husband too has relentlessly questioned the validity of my ordination since., in his words "You did it online."

    So, a simple call to my local county (make sure you call the COUNTY - yes, yelling because it matters! - not the city!) Clerk of The Circuit Court to put any questions to rest.

    In fact, the lady at the Clerk's office had even hard about the ULC. How cool is that?

    So look up your State's laws on marriage and then call your county to ensure that you don't have to jump through hoops because each county is different.

    Good luck!

  14. In the "world according to Mike" I'd say no, you have no legal liability.

    In the world of liberal and litigeous Mule Fritters in which everyone blames everyone else for their own actions and behaviors, I would say legal liability is only a matter of time.


    On that same note, a pal of mine posted a blog about a group of lowlife, pass-the-buck-losers who are lobbying to get Ronald McDonald removed from McDonalds restaurants because he "makes" kids want to come eat there and therefore they get fat from it.

    It's official...the death of personal responsibility is not only at hand...the hole has been dug to throw it in!

  15. If you agree that the observation of Tsukino Rei is correct, then perhaps its his description of a "form of witchcraft" that shouldn't be followed? I think its important to distinguish between Christianity in general and one persons opinion. However, I must admit that I'm guilty of not following traditional Islam for the same reason, the willful ignorance of some Muslims.

    My post was simple and to the point and doesn't need to be scrutinized.

    I am a Christian...but I also practice Hoodoo, which is Witchcraft, Catholicism and Christianity all rolled into one and the Christian community vilifies those like me, for it.

    Yet if they'd bother to read Matthew 7 - they might not think so highly of themselves...and not be so quick to try and step into God's shoes. They tend to forget...we practitioners of Hoodoo read the Bible too...and we can give it as good as we get if they wish to waste time arguing, rather than banding together to work for the same cause.

    What path we follow isn't important...only the end result is and the sooner people stop thinking they have to "save" others (when they don't know their walk with their Creator) the better off we all will be.

    People trying to "fix others" (whom aren't broken) is the cause of many murders, wars and unnecessary violence. People simply need to leave well enough alone unless they are asked for help. Then by all means give it - otherwise, they need to mind their own business.

    Attention all witches!!:hearye:

    Please turn to the right.

    Do you see that guy on the cross?

    That's Christ.

    There ya go.

    All witches have been turned to Christ. :smart:

    Ha ha! :lol::thumbu:

  16. I'm very interested in submitting some poetry! I'll take a look at the website. Should I refer to this forum when submitting?

    Yes you may Great Cthulhu.

    Simply mention so in the body of your e-mail.

    I'll look forward to your submission June 2 until September 1 - which is the deadline.

    Yeah I got to work early today. I work 7am till 3:30pm. I don't know why the site is blocked from me. Usually I can visit most websites except facebook, myspace, and youtube.

    That would explain it then, SalemWitchChild.

    I use MySpace for my official magazine site. It covers all my needs so it's kind of a waste to have a separate website for it.


  17. Currently going over the June issues of my magazines (and am enjoying some of the stories and poetry, immensely) before releasing it on June 1.

    Then I'll be reading submissions again for the October issue.

    I'm always amazed at some of the things my contributors come up with!

    I have stared a section called "A Little Bit of Evil" for stories under 500 words and wasn't sure I'd get any stories...but have and wow...

    So that's what I'm currently reading.

  18. June 2.

    June 1st is my next issue and then once it has hit the market, I'll be open for more submissions for the October (and most popular issue of each year) Halloween issue.

    For the October issue, I have been fortunate enough to secure an interview with a rather well-known Horror and Sci-Fi star (and no, I'm not saying who it is until closer to June) and a review of one of his most recent movies.

    The name of my magazines are Twisted Dreams Magazine and Worlds Within Worlds Beyond Magazine.

    Twisted Dreams is for all things dark, paranormal, Occult, Supernatural, Horror and Gothic related.

    For the Halloween issue, I like to focus more on the Occult and Paranormal and would love to hear from those members of the ULC who are witches, paranormal investigators, etc.

    True stories of paranormal events and particularly, editorials on "fringe" religions are long as they are well-written and professional.

    I also accept movie and book reviews of Independently made/written movies and books.

    If you know a musician involved in Pagan or New Age Music, I welcome music reviews too - once again, as long as it's Indie.

    If you yourself are a musician or movie-maker, I welcome your movies and music to review.

    Write Horror or take cemetery photography? Then you just might very well find a home for your works in my magazine.

    Also...for the October issue ONLY...I'll be accepting ads from my fellow ULC family for the sponsor section of my NO COST (don't mean to yell, just want it clear that no, that's not a typo!) to you!

    Just my way of saying "Thanks for making me feel welcome" and to show my support.

    If a Mod happens to be reading this and would like to submit an ad for the ULC, that's great too! No cost! You can't beat free.

    For those of you that write fringe, Horror, dark, New Age, Pagan, etc poetry, WWWB is for you.

    I accept all styles but can accept no less than 3 poems per author. I have a wonderful friend who submits her fabulous cemetery photography for gallery art for each contributor and so it looks weird to have one poem with gallery artwork.

    For more info, please see the official Twisted Dreams and WWWB website at:

    Twisted Dreams & WWWB Magazines

  19. Erm... no.

    Wicca is a beautiful religion and I'll be praying for God to give them peace in their present convictions.

    You might be interested to know that by invoking the 'power of prayer' to guide another individuals beliefs to be more in line with yours, effectively circumventing free will through spiritual pressure, you are in fact practicing a form of witchcraft that even most witches won't touch with a ten foot pole for fear of being interfering in a damaging way. You see, they acknowledge their power to influence others with intention, so they also acknowledge the responsibility not to abuse that power or get cocky with that power.

    THANK YOU Tsukino Rei!

    This is the reason I no longer follow traditional Christianity - the willful ignorance of people such as this person.

    You said it perfectly so I have nothing to add, just wanted to say "thank you."

  20. My calling has always been to educate.

    I loathe any type of bible-banging, Hellfire, brimstone and damnation teachings (grew up with that and to this day carry the emotional scars of being "scared" into the worship of God) but wanted to serve Him.

    Having undergone a number of spiritual crisis myself in my life I feel I am uniquely qualified to help others who are suffering.

    I am a serious everything I do in life, from the way I became an author, to how my books are published, to how I dress, to you name it and tried college about 20 years ago to pursue "higher education."

    I found out really quick than those who disagree with a professor can find themselves failed and out tuition money and that was going to be me.

    So I cut the line, left college and never went back. But this presented a quandary for me when it came time to really pursue my desire to minister to my own way.

    I am a practitioner of Hoodoo and a Wise Woman and follow my own path to God - and I encourage people to do the same. My words are not sugarcoated and syrupy...they are oftentimes caustic and hard...and what people need to hear to wake them up.

    Can you imagine someone like me in a theological college with that type of attitude?

    I'd be in the professor's face and banned from college for life probably, the first time they tried to put their own spin on God's I have heard they do.

    My step-son is in theological college and he rues some of the teachings, but has to swallow his pride or fail.

    I can't see blowing that kind of tuition money so the ULC was an answer to prayer.

    At first I wasn't sure if things with such a church could be legal, but I have recently made a friend whose mother is an ordained minister with the ULC and has been marrying people for seven years.

    I checked FL law and it seems that I am in the clear!

    As I said earlier in a post to someone, those of us who refuse to conform should not be punished because we choose to think for ourselves in helping to spread God's word...rather than scare people into believing or turn people away from Christ because of stupidity - like so many do.

    I have ordered business cards and a sign to place in my yard and am looking forward to doing weddings and such once I have earned my master's degree, which I have just ordered the textbook for and hope I pass the test!

    I'm glad to be here. Thanks for learning a little about me!

  21. My reason wasn't so noble...

    I had been going thru a lot of changes in my life...searching for answers that never seemed to feel just right. I moved from religion to religion looking for something that felt right.

    Finally I settled on witchcraft...with a smattering of Wicca, Buddhism and Christianity mixed in...Now think about it...what other church would take me with a mix like that? I am!!!

    You sound like me. I am a practitioner of Hoodoo and a Wise Woman, but my calling is to educate people before they can become conformists and sheeple, and so being as I am a serious non-conformist, I would not have lasted a month in a theological college.

    So the ULC was truly a godsend.

    Those of us who refuse to conform should not be punished because we choose to think for ourselves in helping to spread God's word...rather than beat people with it.