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    Folk Music, reading, studying nature around me wherever I am. Tarot reading. (Animal Tarot)
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    Christ-centred Pagan with Buddhist overtones

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    Professional Guardian for Mentally Challenged.
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  1. I became ordained to answer what I percieved as a need for a person who could stand with people in their spiritual search without being part of an organized religion. Organized rligion preaches being non-judgmentalism and love for the sinner but then proceeds to punishing the "sinner". e.g. Roman Catholics are to love homosexuals and yet, if homosexuality is admitted and that person is in seminary, he cannot be ordained. In my years as a Nurse I was able to help people and their families as they neared death. My Ministry is an added credential. I hope to be able to officiate at Funerals as well as Weddings and Baptisms. Thanks, Rev. Ursula