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  1. :umbrella:

    I appreciate the help and dialog-just weathering the storm until I can regroup: I understand that it is I who has to turn the corner and be patient until it starts coming back together-support group is enlarging, and that is important-and thanks to you and others in this forum and ULC who are supportive, and who honestly tell me your thoughts, whether it is what I want to hear, or whether it is something I have to digest-and that is important, also. taking the journey: hope I can be of service and help others along the way-for that is the essence of a meaningful life-to make a positive impact and help others.

  2. pretty much encapsulated the whole ordeal in last nights (actually early this morning's post)

    there is a lot more to transcripts, of course, but nothing substantative: The lady's family, and friends were there, her mother made court statement, she made statement, etc. I dont have any recriminations to hurl at any of them or anyone else-they didn't ask for situation to develop, nor did lady involved. I can only hope the best for them: if somehow, someday I were to come into a disgustingly large sum of money, I would ananymously pay for all exspenses they incurred resulting from ordeal, including any therapy, etc, any of them may have had to get. Anyway, no ill wishes toward them or police-they were doing their jobs- or anyone else. thanks for concern and suggestions peace, lightfoot

  3. I can see why you wonder about my statements, conviction, etc. I was convicted of aggravated assault with intent to rape. I sent robin69 ( I think that is his username) the story, because he asked for the info. you may read the email I sent him, if he doesnt care. basically, I took a lady home from Buckhead ( I was a taxi driver ), she asked me to take her to a motel, after hunting her house 1 and 1/2 hrs, she didnt have id-got room in my name-sleptabout 5 hrs, woke up, she seemed ok, coherent, etc., we had sex, slept until checkout time, I took her home, several days later police asked me to come by and talk with them, was subsequently arrested:turns out she says she didnt remember anything at all from that night. I wont get into your assertions that sex offenders and inmates in general typically deserve their sentences. I just layed out the jist of the situation-dont mean to be harsh, but if you believe I am a repeat offender, there is no sense in either of us wasting each others' time. Also, you have a naivete concerning prisons, prisoners, and justice: 1 glaring for instance- my roommate was convicted as an adult when he was 12 years old,for rape and murder, EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE WITNESSES THAT HE WAS GIVEN A DRUGGED DRINK BY ADULTS, AND HAS NO MEMORY OF THE EVENTS. This is a matter of public record.Yet, he is serving a life sentence. He self educated while in prison, and is now the Islamic Imam at Wilcox State Prison.

    The prison administrations and justice system are as criminal and corrupt as those they keep imprisoned. The capt -at- wilcox told me he would lie in a minute if it served his purposes. a deputy warden was sent elsewhere while I was there because he was involved with drug trafficing.

    The prison system is the 3rd largest industry in Ga. 1 in every 7 people either are in prison, have been in prison, or have family that has been in prison in Ga.

    My lawyer (corrupt self-serving public defender that she is) told me that if my case had been in Atlanta, it would never have been tried. She wouldn't change venue,even though I requested due to prejudice against me in the locality. Well, I didnt mean to get on a tear, but you brought up some issues that show you-and the public at large, to be distressingly naive and uneducated concerning prison, prisoners, and how the justice system works. Sorry if I offend you, but these are not just my feelings and statements. go to schr (southern center for human rights, and read their website items). anyway, I want to make friends, not be antagonistic, so hope you receive this in the intended spirit: I have done soul-searching, and dont deny culpability. If I had conducted myself professionally, my situation would not have occurred. One of the most haunting experiences of my life is for the lady to have said in court (paraphrasing), "he made himself out to be a good samaritan, and he took advantage of me." to hear her emotional testimony, and to know that I caused her pain is something that I will have to bear forever. I can only hope and pray that she has been able to get on with her life, and gotten by it.

    As for the romantic situation, I guess I was feeling a little blue and lonely. It has been over a year since being released, and 6 years since having a meaningful relationship. By meaningful relationship, I am talking about companionship, friendship, and, yes, someday hopefully, a love interest. I am in a therapy group, although I have no inclination to harm anyone: So, if you are inclined to judge, please think and know the real facts before doing so. I cant make people like or accept me. Everyone has to decide for himself what he or she believes and the credo they live by. I hope I am big enough to be accepting, compassionate, forgiving, and tolerant, as well as non judgemental of others until I know the whole story. peace, lightfoot

  4. thanks for the input-the name is ga dept of corr. that is all you have to type in your browser. as in all browser searches, you will have to scroll to ga dept of corr., because only the browser god knows why it lists everything from peanuts to sassafras when you enter the search title. my name is tommy johns-maybe being all out in the open is not a good thing, but then again, how can I expect you to trust me if I try to hide my past? not that I want to carry a flashing neon sign, but I believe honesty is the best policy. I dont watn to alarm nor upset people-just want to show my character by action and honesty, compassion, and forebearance. anyway, thanks for the ideas

  5. 1st, please excuse me while I learn how to use the features,etc. effectively.

    Have been on probation 4 months after serving 1 year on parole. Fortunately, I have had good people (parole and probation officer) since being released: that's not problem, and believe me, there are some horror stories re ex-cons with terrible people to report to. The problem is, there is no effective support group for parolees: No one wants to hire us. No one wants to include us in social settings. My idea is to find people who either know of or can help start a database of employers, penpals, email friends, financial assistance (business loans for those who show ability, integrity, etc. to repay loan).

    The parole officers and probation give lists of employers who are hiring, but in every instance, I was turned down. It is especially humiliating to be turned down for a job at a chicken processing plant! Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  6. :( It has been 14 months since I was released from prison: you can view my data -at- gadept of Maybe being so blunt about my past is not the best manner of business, but it cuts to the chase-those who wish to judge me based on my demeanor and efforts may, while those cannot see beyond the circumstances will not waste either their time nor mine.

    I am at an impasse: After being released, it took me 3 months to find employment, and that only because it is a company who had previously employed me, and they know my character. The job is 54 miles from my house. Because of the travel time, and the stress factor of the job (dispatcher at a cab company), I am mentally and emotionally drained. I cannot meet ladies because of the obvious, and I cannot subscribe to internet dating services because of the no criminal background-no sex offender registry requirements they all have.

    Please dont consider that I am whining-I got myself into this mess, and I am trying to get beyond it: the past being constantly thrown in my face doesn't help.

    Because I saw so many people in prison that were given severe sentences, while others committing similar or worse crimes had an "easy walk", I promised those who are treated unfairly that I would help when I was released, but I have been unable to find any avenue in which their problems and injustices to them could be addressed: I dont advocate the wholesale release or mainstream reentry of all those serving time, but I hope to find a means in which I can help those who face the same roadblocks I do. It is daunting-I wake up every morning and wonder if this life is worth facing the brick walls that come constantly before me.

    I would like to find or start a database of employers that will hire ex-offenders, based upon their conduct in prison, and likelyhood of successful reintegration into society and the workforce. I would also like to find or start an avenue by which those who show ability and determination to succeed, a way to finance businesses. Also, I would like to find or start a database of singles who would give ex-offenders a chance socially, or romantically-given the caveat that they must undergo strict supervision or oversight to ensure the safety of all participants: any ideas anyone?