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  1. Hello, and Happy Birthday. I have just come back to ULC after a long Hiatus. I used the name Windwalker until just a few days ago, when I changed my username. Anyway, Happy Birthday.

  2. You will note I have changed my avatar, my worldview a bit, and my belief system has evolved. I hope this will be the basis of good camaraderie and healthy exchange of ideas. Much has happened with me in the past couple of years. I got the flu from hell in 2015 that was going around, and to make a long story short, developed pneumonia from it, which caused me to acquire Congestive Heart Failure, which I take a multitude of medication for. Anyway, I am glad to be back, but will most likely be in observer mode for the most part, until Ifeel the ebb and flow here.

    1. RevTom


      I have once again changed my info. Because of my evolving worldview and return to my Christian spiritual roots, I have changed my username from Windwalker to RevTom. I hope it doesn't create a great deal of confusion.

  3. Are you still on this site? I don't have anyone in my friend - I guess now - followers list. It has changed radically. I should have kept up more; tie just flew away. Lots has happened - Congestive Heart Failure, learning to live (yeah right) on Social Security alone, two fiances come and gone...Aynoe who knows me still here?

  4. Are you still on this site? I don'y have anyone in my friend - I guess now - followers list. It has changed radically.

  5. ...and still learning to use the features here!

  6. so much there is on practical application to theology and philosophy presently! Much to peruse and glean from.

  7. I have changed my info from lightfoot to Windwalker

  8. To all my friends-Hi and Merry meet... I trust all is well with all of you

  9. now I wiped out other posts-l;ook me up on facebook-Tom Johns

  10. comment on my own profile? huh?