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  1. Wow Rattlesnake, nice way to take all of those verses out of context and then start taking one and two words out of their own verses out of context. The truth is very easy to see and requires no councils or creeds. The Bible was written with the intention to be read by all, thus simplicity and clarity is implicite in its lessons. It is when a person takes just one verse out of its lesson and especially when one takes one, two or three words out of its context to try to justify their arguements that the true lessons are lost. Matthew 19:17 So He said to him, “Why do you call Me good?No one is g
  2. I think that this is why I am Unitarian. Any group that has a prerequisite for being Christian other than believing in Christ always seems to put me off. Having been a member of the Mormon church from my birth up until I was 18, I can promise you that we were not Gnostic. And I rather think that calling the Mormons Gnostics kind of degrades them both. The Gnostics were their own ascetic group with their own mysteries. But being your own group with your own mysteries does not automatically define you as "gnostic". Check your history. The idea of Trinity only started turning up about 200 years
  3. I dunno if this will help but... Recently in searching through various seminary and religious schools I started looking at official accreditation for many of these schools. Apparently the Department of Education does not accredit schools of a religious/spiritual all. There are private accrediting agencies/organizations out there, I know of the (read: have recently learned about) WWAC (World Wide Accreditation Commission) for christian schools but I don't know about other religions. As far as I know since the DoE doesn't accredit these schools (I have no idea why) most states take
  4. I have studied quite a bit about Christian Unitarianism and have wanted to be come ordained as such but unfortunately there are no seminaries for it, only for the Unitarian-Universalist which is rather humanistic in its structure. I have the opportunity to attend an interfaith online seminary and am considering it but haven't made up my mind about that yet as (maybe I am just too particular) I really desire more Unitarian focused ordination. For now I have become ordained through the ULC as this does give me a bit more legal recognition which is rather required in the Las Vegas area but I am s
  5. Does that mean that you personally are not allowed to run one of those wedding chapels like all of the others on the strip or does it just mean that youj need to be a part of an organization to do it?
  6. I am not in the military but am a contractor supporting the military IT infrastructure out here. I will be returning around the 18th of this month though.
  7. I have found that alcohol is mostly an acquired taste. Since most people do not start drinking until adults, it takes a bit for someone to get the taste for it. Alcohol itself is a bitter liquid that can be poisonous. But if you care for a certain type of flavor or taste in drinks, then I am sure that you will be able to find one of the liquors out there that suit you. Me personally, I am partial to beer and other barley based drinks. Oh, and Aftershock Red
  8. Pets have character. Pets add character to the household. Pets always become a part of my household and in there own right a part of my family. Yeah, I always have to include my critters in that answer.
  9. Mostly business casual. I work in an office environment but because I do the IT work and am always moving Suit and tie is not good idea. But jeans would be inappropriate unless work is expected to be dirty that day. This means button up shirt with collar and comfortable khaki's or slacks or sometimes cargo pants for a more casual day. Once you start dressing like that daily, it gets to be habit forming.
  10. I am currently in Baghdad right now and won't be returning until mid-to-late December, so I am unfortunately not able to spearhead anything right now. I was really just wondering if there was something being organized that I could join up with when I got back. Sorry.
  11. Not wanting to seem like a meaningless bump here, but... Is there an interest to get a congregation together to get over this hurdle here? If so I am interested. edited; sorry, a few typos
  12. My beliefs are, at their core, christian. But as I learned more about the history of many of the tenents of christianity I began to question them. I made the mistake of expressing these questions to others and they often simply laughed off my questions or simply said that these were improper questions to ask. So I chose to step away from the mainstream churches and walk my own path. Now I believe the answers have been coming much more easily and without obstruction. Who knows, maybe someone else would agree with my point of view?