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  1. I was raised catholic, I mean the whole 9 yards. I went to catholic school, taught by Irish Nuns for 11 1/2 years. When my Dad was transfered I got my fist taste of public school for the last 1 and a half of my schooling. That being said, I really love the church and my faith. The catholic church was literaly the first church founded by none othe then our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself. It's all in the Holy Bible. Now the church has changed an awful lot since the 1960's, when I was a kid I loved being on the Alter serving God as an Alter boy, thankfully my church had a good man as our Priest (there's only a small percentage of evil ones believe it or not, but that's another discussion). Up until I started 9th grade,I thought I was being called to the priesthood. Then something felt different when I walked into the church. The holiness that I felt inside God's house started to fade, the church leaders in my opinion became to casual. The pure reverence being shown to the Lord in his house was starting to fade away. But here's the kicker for me. After I graduated, I seved in the Navy, when I got out I thought I feel in love I was young and dumb and got married, blind to the fact that I was making the biggest mistake in my short life. The marriage did not work out and we divorced. Now all those years with the Nuns learning about Jesus's ministry I can't understand how his church can stand there and tell me I was not " welcome " at the Lord's table and celebrate the Holy Eucharist. I had to ask myself, Is that what Jesus would do because of a stupid human mistake, I believe he would not. In fact the scriptures tell us over and over that he would come up to me and probably grab my hand and walk me up to his Alter and break bread with me. Anyway, I do still love the church but I feel just as strongly that I have indeed answered my call to the priesthood and am serving God Almighty and his Son just as I envisioned as a boy!! With all that is good, Rev. Dan