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  1. I understand dirishi1's position. I personally never have, nor never will receive a flu shot. I cannot even remember the last time I had the flu to begin with, but I also know I few people who have been "under the weather" for a few days after receiving a flu shot. I am also not convinced that they are entirely effective as there are many strains of the flu, and the idea is that the flu shot will protect you from the strain of the flu which is supposed to be the problem in a given year. However this does not stop you from getting another strain of the flu - at least this is how I understand it.

    The flu vaccine is one I don't get as well. I did get it once, was fine for two years then hit hard. Since then I've decided I can deal with the sniffles for a few days. Right now dealing with an annoying case of Post Nasal Drip, and nothing that just handles it... everything has other stuff, like Acetaminophen for pain, but I'm not in pain. I just got to suck it up and take some NyQuil tonight so I don't drown overnight.

    NyQuil, the only medicine that comes in two 'flavors' - Green and Red. It's not Cherry, it tastes like red. But the stuff will knock me out for hours, better than a few shots of hard liquor.

  2. Originally published:

    Boarding Call

    your ticket booked

    without alarm or announcement

    this rainy night

    in November, right

    no refunds, exchanges

    no way to even change your mind

    all you have, is a moment to

    say your sweet love goodbyes

    and as if on queue,

    they usher you

    to your place

    at the front of the line

    the attendants make

    their final call

    for ticketed passengers

    to board this time

    and with every beat

    and twitch of your feet

    the captain starts the engines

    and pulls away

    and we all stare

    and watch you go

    leaving us all

    here behind

    as you take off

    clime, ascend

    the nurses take

    your baggage away

    for your soul depart

    but your body remained

    lifeless and still

    but a frame

    this is the difference

    between airports and ICUs

    your baggage always

    stays behind

    now you’re off, and free

    remember me

    as I will surely

    remember you

    and we’ll meet again

    when ink is penned

    and I’m issued my ticket

    and boarding call

    until that day

    I will live each day

    keeping you in heart

    and mind

    as we leave

    others weep

    as another flight

    departs on time.

    They always depart on time.

    They always depart on time.

    They always depart on time.

    They always depart on time.

    They always depart on time.

    Posted by B.L. McGarr on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 at 2:46 am.

  3. I've listened to quite a few theories on this subject, but I wonder if maybe the experts working on the calendar during Mayan times either died or was in some other way of not completing it? I simply throw that out there because in my line of work (technical support) often the most simplest of answers left unexplored.

    My thought on it all is that in 2012, the sun will rise, some chaos from people panicking may play out, but at the end of the day the sun will set, the moon will rise, and all will be the same as it was before hand. It takes a long time for thought to change. Perhaps mankind will be intelligent enough to use such an event to help usher in that new thought, but in all it will be just another day.

  4. There are many reasons when I stumbled upon the ULC site that I said "go for it." The clarifying one: No charge. Free is good. Not saying that was the basis of the decision, but at the end of the day when you can really say "I did it because I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain."

    Second, since I am a Druid, there are very few organized groups, and those that are seem to be more interested in recreating the Lord of the Rings (or just singing and dancing) instead of contemplative reflection and learning to be one with the world. I have long determined that the mountains are my cathedral, the trees my priests, the wind my choir, the river my baptismal font, and the earth my pew. I looked into joining the ADF, a Druid organization with a branch here in the Phoenix Area but decided against it after seeing videos of their rites (like I said above, more interested in singing and dancing). I've also considered attending a Universal Unitarian church here in the valley, and I may still do so to get the 'social' aspect in. However, getting myself willed to do such a thing is easier said than done. For my entire life I have not felt welcome with the blindly led congregations and shunned the ignorance of organized religion. Only recently have I felt that something was missing in addition to my own studies of my adopted rites.

    So, sitting here staring at the ULC website with, like I said above, nothing to lose and everything to gain, I went for it. I admit afterward I snickered thinking "Heh, here I am someone who has railed against organized religion for the longest time just requested to be ordained!"

    Thats when the thought train left the station. My younger brother is getting married in the next few years, and he wants me to be part of his wedding. Maybe I can truly be a part of his wedding by officiating it, saving him the cost of having to hunt down a clergy.

    I've also been working on a hand-written, leather-bound collection of what my beliefs are. My other problem with joining a group such as the ADF or UU is that I've thought about my beliefs long and hard, and they may not reflect what the group has decided. By becoming an ordained minister, I can write them out and if someone else agrees with them then we can discuss them in length and work on them together. I'm not obligated, nor is anyone else. I can help guide those pagans that are like myself, without a congregation that understands.

    Finally, I did two years of work with the Red Cross, and eventually will do so again, this time being able to offer my services to those who need them.

    The thought did cross my mind of perhaps making some extra income presiding over ceremonies, but in the long run it won't be an advertised thing. If someone asks, then I certainly will take the honor.

    Although, I'm wondering how they're going to react at work when/if I alter my signature in my email? :D

    I'm still waiting on my approval and certifications, but I'm sure there will be no problems.

    - Brad