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  1. I would thik with Yeshua's miraculous abilities he could have changed urine into wine and fecal matter into yams and was big on recycling. Thursday night was spaghetti and meatballs!!! :umph:

    Doing that would have been more funny but would have had no value in proselytizing the Jews and the gentiles.

  2. I side with Fawso on this one... Didn't Moses need to 'take a leak?' in 40 days? Did Moses profane or commit sacrilege? What about Jesus himself?... did HE ever urinate, and in so doing did he defile the earth? Is not the ENTIRE EARTH sacred ground since it was created by God?

    You have to put things in the proper context. Of course urination itself is not a profane act in itself. Everybody does that. But will you enter a church and urinate at the altar saying there can be nothing wron with that because urinating is natural?

    C'mon guys don't raise an issue for the sake of raising it.

  3. Moses was on that mountain for 40 days and fourty nights and you don't think he ever had to urinate or drop a deuce during that time period?!?!?

    I only meant that part of Mt. Sinai which is referred to as sacred in the scriptures - the spot where Moses was asked to remove his sandals. It is an exaggeration to refer to the entire mountain itself. Since Moses was asked to remove his shoes or sandals it would certainly have been improper for him to urinate there. Certainly he would have urinated elsewhere in the mountain in the course of his stay there!

    But this thread's topic really is ordination.

  4. [quote name= I've never orinated on a flower garden.

    You meant urinated. That's a verb meaning to piss. You can't convert that to a noun as in "urination." But with respect to the verb "ordain" it is possible to say "ordination." These two words ought not be confused. They have their own respective usage in the spiritual dictionary. One cannot, for example, urinate on sacred ground. That would be a sacrilege. Imagine if Moses did that in Mount Sinai. But it would have been possible to ordain Moses there. I think That was where Aaron was ordained a priest. Urinating is an act intended to defle. Ordination is an act to exalt.