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  1. Hopefully.

    My Dad, a staunch Republican, proud veteran, respected inner city homicide detective, treasurer of his golf club, Commander in Chief of his VFW post, beloved father, grandfather and friend would not have been able to enjoy his life for the last eight years, well seven, (he died last February),

    if we had not been able to help financially.

    Despite serving his country, working hard all of his life, raising four children and working part time till the very day he took ill at 78 would NEVER have been able to make it through the Bush administrations


    His medication alone (and he was HEALTHY), would have broken him. How in the world can a weeks worth of medication cost two hundred dollars? Blame that on someone else if you like but Bush the Gone had eight years to fix it among other things.

    My father had a modest apartment, simple tastes, an eight year old car and an ever present smile. He outwardly frowned on "handouts". We tried to make sure this proud man didn't have to ask if he needed.

    Surely Mr. Bush need not take responsibility for everything that has gone horribly wrong in the last eight years but there is much he can take credit for.

    Good Riddance.

    This has been going on for over forty years do you think it's going to change now. :rolleyes:
  2. Why I Became Ordained By The Ulc?

    Since I was 13 years old I have wanted to be a minister. I have been in and out of many different churches since then and found that my faith was actually being damaged by the many different aspects of those officiating many of those churches.

    For the most part preachers would teach from their own opinion and not focus on the word of God in its literal meaning.

    I had spent a lot of time in churches that practiced healing, the kind where they lay their hands on people and claim to heal cancer and all sorts of diseases. The problem I saw was that these people that were getting healed were not regular members of the church and you never saw those people after the services where their afflictions were taken away by God, supposedly. They would claim to have travelled many miles and to have been led by God to the place where they were healed. It was immediately after these "Miracle Ralley's" where large sums of money would be asked for and it just seemed so phony to me.

    I do believe that God can heal diseases, that I have never questioned. However, what I did question was the authenticity of these churches where this type of service was practiced.

    I have inquired about becoming ordained to which I was sent down the typical path of learning to be what I considered to be training in how to be a salesman for God.

    To me, it isn't and shouldn't be about money. I understand that a church is sustained in large part by those in the congregation supporting the church financially, you know, the tithing aspect. Everyone should tithe, I have no issue with that. What I do have issue with is beating people over the head to give beyond their means.

    The concept of "paying for your salvation" troubles me greatly.

    I asked myself many times over the years, Why is it that God has taken a back seat to profitability?

    Shouldn't faith not be based on money but rather the spirit of God?

    For instance, who ordained Jesus?

    It wasn't man, it wasn't a human system that ordained him. he wasn't forced to jump through hoops and spend a load of money learning a system that was run by men who basically teach you to go from church to church being little more than a well educated fund raiser for God.

    Recently I had hit a brick wall and started to question if there was even a God at all. I questioned that inside me that has led me to live the way I was, always holding firm that I was a believer and based many decisions on my faith in God.

    I started to wonder that maybe I was wrong and might be missing out on many joys that I could expereience if I weren't a man of faith.

    Then one night I was surfing the web and did a search on how to become ordained, and I found the ULC website.

    I read through and began to realize that everything I had saught after for years was right here. Now, I can't say that I agree with many of the things I see going on here because they simply don't follow what I have lived my life for or how I see a proper relationship with God to be, but who am I to judge anothers faith system?

    I would be no better than those I have learned to avoid if I were to try and force MY views and beliefs on another.

    I believe what I believe and the great thing about the ULC is that it is founded on that same exact system.

    I don't want people judging me because I don't share their beliefs and I won't judge others for theirs.

    I don't want others interfering with my right to worship however I see fit and I won't interfere with those who differ in their faith either.

    I will share my opinion and I will welcome opinions of others in healthy discussion. I will not engage in arguments about faith though, that's unproductive at best.

    As far as the so called "Establishment" not recognizing a ULC minister as being truly ordained I will simply ask them this question, "Who ordained Jesus Christ, the man by which your entire ministry is founded on?"

    They'll claim it was God, but then deny that Jesus ordained me as well as he ordained them.

    It isn't the school that makes them ordained, it's is the spirit that does.

    Isn't that what Rev. Kirby founded the ULC on?

    I would have loved to have met Rev. Kirby, he is an inspiration to all faiths and the architect of the answer I spent half my life seeking.

    Very well said, things like this are one of the reasons for which I became ordained by the ULC :thumbu:

  3. Hi everyone, I became an ordained minister to help others and to repay God for all he has done for me over the past few years. In 2001 I was diagnose with a stage three cancer and given 3-4 years to live after the operation to remove the infected area and testing the doctors were amazed the cancer had not spread, all they said is you must live right. If you take a little time each day to God things will work out,there is so much more to tell you and others but I will post them later I don't want to make a book out of this. Thanks to all for a great place like the ULC that makes it eazy to DO WHAT IS RIGHT