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  1. As you recall my wife had resounded with optimism for me to go check out this new church. So at about 6:15pm I headed there. As soon as I arrived I walked inside and the evenings events were already well underway. I walked with the obvious "I'm new" look on my face, and a lovely lady--Pastor Betti--introduced herself to me. I returned the welcome identifying myself as Paston Jon. with astonishment and glee on her face we began a dialogue. Noting it was in the main chapel and going to potentially interfere with the events proceedings we excused ourselves to her office. For about the next
  2. When I got home I promptly sat down with wife, as she told me she had a surprise.. I promptly held out my hands and closed my eyes, (Oh come on! You can’t tell me you don’t have kid moments too!) She then placed in my hands the mailer from ULC. To my astonishment and eagerness I opened it to examine the contents. As I ripped through it, I explained to my wife (who is also ordained now) my discovery of the smaller church and and that I would be heading there to check on things. She happily and supporting said “Okay.” With such grace and understanding it actually surprised me a little bit, I
  3. It started like any other day would start…. But this day would be different. Shortly after I received my ordination, let's just say that God moves when he is ready and you better hold on. And after a normal day at work I had to go to a part of the city I normally don’t (35 miles one way). But this was the exception. I had an appointment. Well, as I was on that side of town I showed up to the appointment and immediately upon showing the individual said they had to reschedule due to just getting called for being a witness in a court case. With the reschedule complete I departed slightly perpl